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The Elbow Injury Recovery Time Thread

I know people hate threads like “How long will it take me before I can fight again?”

Well, this can become the place to direct such questions to.

Have you had an elbow injury before due to a fight? Mind posting your recovery experience, did you RICE immediately, how long were you unable to do simple things like open a door – how long were you unable to comfortably do a pushup – how long did you wait until you felt safe wresting/grappling again, etc.

I’m currently 3 weeks into such an experience, and will write about my whole recovery process once I can continue with my BJJ training again, my current thoughts are that I could be as far as a month away from that (I think I was overtraining for a few weeks and my whole elbow to hand connective tissues were not fully healing, but were all still ‘workable’ – and then got armbarred by someone who apparently “didn’t notice” my tapping for 3-4 seconds).

Anyway, hope to hear about some of your experiences, because no grappling and no weight training is giving me a lot of free time…