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The Effects of Testosterone Implants Over Time

I was wondering if any one can help.
I am looking for data on testosterone pellets and how they effect a persons testosterone levels over time (over 3 - 6 months).

I was wondering if any one had any data from clinical trials that indicate the levels of testosterone after a dose is given taken at intervals. I.E. taken perhaps 1 week after implant in order to get a PEAK level and then every week after, in order to ascertain how consistent the level is.

I was wondering if any one knew how the pellets work in terms of how the pellets release testosterone. I was wondering if the pellets simply dissolve x amount due to friction etc,
or whether the pellets only release testosterone during specific events?

If the pellets gave off x amount due to friction regardless of internal conditions, then
surely, over time the pellets would release less due to their area being reduced and thus causing a drop in serum testosterone as a result.

Alternatively, if the pellets work in a different way, being designed to give out a consistent amount per pellet over time, then the pellets will give a more consistent dose,
although, personally I can not see how this is possible with such simple medicine (dose not being regulated).

I would be grateful for any help.
Kind regards

Yes, different variables will lead to different absorption rates for different guys, but there are also differences in the metabolism rates of T once in circulation. So it all comes out in the wash as dose changes are made based on labs and symptoms.

The rate varies by the surface area of the pellets. As the pellets get smaller the release rate drops.

Nothing to do for a few months
No need to do frequent self injections
Doctor makes a lot of money on this option

expensive T delivery system
still need to inject hCG often, so one has not avoided self injections
implant is a surgical procedure, infection is possible
implants can be painful at first and long term some times
T levels peak quickly then fade over a few months
AI dose is never correct as it needs to match T level
Fading T levels leaves guys feeling down

To expand on what KSman said, which is all correct, hematomas are a possibility at implant site. Mine was roughly the size of a playing card and lasted two weeks. There will be swelling for a couple of days if you bump the implant site. Also, you run the risk of implanting too few the first time. Then, you either go back in and implant more, or wait until the next implant and maintain sub-optimal levels for 3-6 months.

I would say the only positive IMO would be that once the pellets are in, and you have the correct amount, you don’t need to do anything else as far as T supplementation is concerned.

There is still the matter of E2 levels and testicular atrophy.

Drug reps push their T delivery systems and would never complicate the ‘sale’ with any implication that E2 levels needed to be monitored and managed, or to discuss testicular atrophy, organ failure and loss of fertility.

Well doc, your guys will not need to inject T, we spare them from that burden, but they need to inject hCG EOD or their nuts will fall off.