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The Effect of Your Physique on Others


Hey guys!

Lately I have been wondering about something. For the guys that are build pretty well, think Nate Green and bigger.....how does having a physique like that affect other people?

Do you notice a distinct difference how people interact with you compared to your smaller self? And if so is it negative or positive? When you go to bars, are you welcomed with respect or with hostility? (Look another muscled poser or something!)

And how is it with women? Do they act different around you? A lot of questions, but it is still a long way to go for me, but I am very interested. Thanks in advance!


Men want to be like me and women want to be with me.

On a less egotistical and joking side of things, women flirt with me more and guys seem to view me as a dichotomy (either hating me with a passion or respecting me). When I was fat I faded into the background, now everybody has a strong opinion on me and wants to express it.


really I dont know. Oh yes I know: before they looked at me with an air of disgust, now they dont care. lolz


Interesting topic, i'll be sure to follow it.

Muscle bros are like magnets.


lots of boners.


I feel it's been very positive. I get more women flirting with me and guys asking me for advice.

I feel it's been very postive but probably stemming more from my own self confidence rather than an intimidating physique or whatever


Guess I dont have either of those problems...LOL


A lot of folks ask me to get things off the top shelf for them.


People see my physique and then they go and buy RAPEAXE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Was my question really this ridiculous or do some people need to GAL?

Anyway thanks Hydra and Jereth for the replies. If anyone else (well built & sane) wants to chime in, welcome.



<---------------------------- currently has a boner.


Now, women are afraid of me. I hear it in their voices when they talk, its a little "stutter" type thing...nervousness, I guess.

Men never leave me alone about working out and wanna train with me all the time. That's honestly what my convos are with men in social settings "how'd you get those shoulders?"

Children are kinda iffy about me. Some are afraid and run like hell, others think I'm a WWE guy.

Work world, its a major plus right now because I am a trainer.

In school, not so good. I'm a psych student and most of my peers have no interest in the gym. I'm a freak in that realm. I've even been told "you're too macho looking to be a psychologist!"

All in all the response is positive. I think it comes down to how you present yourself. I mean, I could wear cut offs and beanies everywhere and act like the gym is the only thing that matters...whicj would garner negative attitudes towards me...or I could dress in a way that displays my muscle and at the same time reflects other qualities...when I talk I could only speak on topics realting to dieting and gym culture..which nring negative attention or I could NEVER talk about working out and blow people's minds with poems I've written

Yea at first people will judge the muscle but in the end if you show them something different then they'll go off that....





I was in the elevator with a couple yesterday and after I got off I heard the girl tell her bf "You should get some muscles"


girls want to be with me, and men want to be in me


Well let me take care of that one and see if I can give you "lots"


<--------------------------- currently is experiencing what is known as a "refractory period" and will be up and running in just a few minutes.


I'm generally unaware. I was recently told that people are intimidated by me and that I think I'm just this normal guy (she described it as a regular "pomeranian"). I'm not aware of my own size and carriage. I've been told this before and I'm always bewildered by it. I'm aware of my size intellectually, but it's not like I walk around with ILS or exaggerate it or dress immodestly in any way. or


This sounds like the perfect time for me to make you a sammich.