The Effect of Hormones on Fat Storage

I store fat around my inner thighs and glutes, also lots around the midsection and lower back. I’ve read somewhere different hormones affect different areas such as Insulin on the obliques and sides, cortisol causes abdominal storage and oestrogen causes the inner thigh and glute problem. Is this true and is there any way to reduce these hormones?

Start reading:

insulin effects love handles and all other fat storage sites as well basically
cortisol is related to belly fat
hamstrings = environmental estrogens
quads = bodies natural estrogen
low back = digestion
glutes is kind of genetic

yes there is a way to drop fat from those sites.

Low back fat is from digestion ? You are telling me this NOW ?

sorry amigo, I thought you saw this: Hormonal Causes of Low Back Fat - Supplements and Nutrition - Forums - T Nation