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The Easiest Workout to Pack on Pounds


I'm a vegetarian and it is hard for me to gain weight. I just started lifting recently and I'm looking for a 4-day split with compound exercised. I want to focus just on the basics such as squat, bench press, etc. I was wondering if anyone has one in mind and could point me in the right direction. Thanks.


stop being a vegetarian and the weight will go up


Look up Mike Mahler , he is a Vegan eater who has added at least 30lb of muscle to his orginal frame. I believe he recommends eating like meat eater on a high protein diet but with vegetarian sources such as nuts and possilby protein enriched food. I think lentils have a lot of protein too . Of course there is always protein shakes and even vegan protein shakes.


I know its been beaten to death, but the basic premise that calories in must exceed calories out still holds true for most people to gain weight. If you are a vegetarian, it simply reduces your choice of foods. That being said, if you want to go with a 4 day workout split, you can break it up into bodyparts: like chest/bi, back/tri, legs, shoulders and abs; or another idea is 2 upper body and 2 lower body days. There are a ton of possibilities to use on any type of split, but the main thing is to eat in order to push the scale.


Like everyone else has said, if you want to gain weight, you need to eat more. As for workouts, WS4SB would be a good place to start.


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Starting Strength


Great program. And unless you have moral reasons for being a veggie you need to stop it.

It's not really healthier or anything, and it sure as hell won't help you build a strong, good looking body.

If you do have a decent reason then you still need to eat enough protein to support your lifting and stick with a great program like the one Kaizen posted.




Being a vegetarian is no excuse not to gain weight.

I went vegetarian/vegan for two months and I did lose 12 pounds without dropping any strength.

However, the basics are all there for building size - calories, protein, carbs, and fats - but on a restrictive diet like vegetarianism (are you lacto-ovo? lacto? vegan?), you must put time and effort into planning your nutrition plan. It's not incredibly hard, and plenty of people have done it successfully before you.

What's your height and weight now? What are your specific goals? What, exactly, did you eat yesterday?

Do you have any experience lifting weights? And is there any particular reason for wanting a 4-day split instead of 3 or 5 (though 5 days is unnecessary at this point)?

Starting Strength is one option. You could also consider Total Body Training:

Eat much, and stick to one of those programs. Check back in eight weeks for a new program.


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