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THE Dumbest Thing I've Ever Seen in the Gym

Hah! The title had you flying over here huh? I find it interesting how popular talking about how stupid 95% of others are, while luckilly we found T-Nation and are now in the elite and yadayda…

I think this is a really bad habit. Atleast in the gym. I used to really love it, and I still often fall prey to it. I mean, how can you really get a good workout while your mind is working on “correcting” the errors of the others. In the end, it’s a good thing that others don’t do things as good as we do. We’ll get stronger, look better, get the more interesting jobs, live longer, make more money and get better women then them. That is if we focus on doing the right things (and not what everybody does wrong?).

The funniest thing is that I get corrected all the time. “What are you doing??? You can’t deadlift with feet that far apart. Your knees will get smashed, be released from your legs, fly to the mouth of some aerobic mom who will sue you to your last penny.” Or, “Hey, don’t do shrugs like that. You have to roll the shoulders if you really want to feel the burn”.

I suspect we do it just to get an ego boost to compensate that we’ve hit a plateu. Atleast I’ve never had thoughts like that after getting into a new PR. Nooo sir, it’s all 100s of self-gratulations or brainstorming ways to easilly reach even higher.

-NOTE- Of course this doesn’t count if you’re a paid personal trainer or strenght coach

I find it funny that as soon as I walk away from my wife, every guy in the gym thinks she needs advice on how to do the exercise. Yet we both know she is doing it correct. I guess they think she is going to think they are lifting gods and leave me or something… We both just laugh and get back to work.