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The Duce's Challenge Log 2017



As much as it makes me feel like a pansy whiner, here is the average for the upcoming week:
2231 cals

Then I look at robs thread and feel like a pansy. I did start from the 3500+ range though.


Could you share (in brief) your experience / opinion on carb refeeds regarding
older recreational lifters, steroid-free, not aiming to compete in anything, just SLOWLY lose fat while remaining strong in the gym, who do better on a high-ish dietary fat (hypocaloric) diet ?


Uh. Well, I’m not sure what your threshold for “old” is, but I’m 34 with a training age of about 20. Also up to this point I haven’t consistently tracked macros but was very low carb and high fat until the past couple of weeks. Up till this point 100 grams of carbs has been a high day, but I’ve been up to more than 300 grams of fat at times. The leaner you get the more consistent you have to be. And at the point I am now, tracking is the only real way to get more consistent. You just make small habit changes, stay consistent, and adjust if things aren’t going the way you want. You really don’t have to track to get in good shape, just be consistent and take the time to monitor progress so you can adjust. I can never understand people that will starve and go on crazy restrictions and not put in the tiny effort of MONITORING PROGRESS. Keep an eye or work capacity, strength, sleep, weight, the way you look, est. If you aren’t going how you want (not loosing weight, or loosing too much strength or something) make a small adjustment to your habits and recheck. You have to close the loop, monitor and adjust.

As for macros and stuff, averages and total calories are paramount. Basically all the different types of dieting are just ways of adjusting those things and at some point of lean-ness suffer as little as possible mentally. I honestly don’t think there is any best. Best is what you can be consistent with. If high fat works for you, and you feel good with it and can be consistent, go with it. While I haven’t ever really done carb re-feeds, they’d be the same advice, try it and see.


Have you experimented with high / low (animal) protein intakes while in a caloric deficit?


For the most part protein is overrated. As of now I think it’s good for muscle insurance and satiety when cutting. I’ve never really investigated the difference between animal and non animal protein. I’ve always eaten mine mostly from animal sources.


Um, f**k, abb veins.

I think I’m getting well past the point of sustainable leanness and as lean as I really want to be. I’ve weighed in as low as 177. I think I may up my calories and try and hold my weight for the last week.


So hit a new low weigh in today 176.2. I also hit a 350 paused bench (right about 2xBW). Bench was smooth and good speed, I was good for more. I should probably check and see what 181 pound bench records are in Tennessee. Strength is really coming back even though I’m still dropping weight. The body weight drop is in spite of upping calories.


Another good calorie bump for the final week with a big bump in carbs. Home stretch. Here we go!


Weight is holding at about 178 now with (for me) a ridiculous number of carbs and 2600 calories. Last few days!


Alright, final pictures. Same crappy lighting as original. Same first thing in the morning with no pump. Final weigh in was 179 after eating a bunch of carbs yesterday.


And so people know I do train calves too.


I didn’t even attempt any sort of peak week. All I did was eat some more carbs and less fat yesterday and kept my calories the same. No peak week training. I actually had a max squat and bench session yesterday and went and had a regular training session after pictures. Legs and arms are worn and desperately in need of my beach deload next week.

Just wanted to wish everyone else good luck, but I’m glad I’m done. Ready to start added in calories and getting back some better energy levels.






Congrats man, awesome job!


Well, disappointed with how this all turned out finding out the majority of your progress didn’t count in the voting, but it is what it is. Probably would have done things different if I’d known. Think I was probably taking this thing too seriously, because it bothers me more than it should. Probably should take a break for a bit.


You had arguably the best transformation of anyone (Top 3 for sure) so I wouldn’t let it sweet you too much.


Yeah, but that’s part of why it pisses me off. I think it was pretty clear some of the other guys were unaware that part of their progress was going to get chopped off either. I really thought I had a shot at it right up until I saw the pictures that got selected for my submission. Just wish I’d known a little earlier. It makes the ending a little bitter sweet.

Just got to remember this one was for me anyway. I’m a natty guy in my mid thirty’s with health issues, jobs, and a kid that got to cross something off my bucket list.