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The Duce's Challenge Log 2017

Figured I’d do a very general log here so people can offer feedback and tips.

Link to the challenge thread : Who Wants To Have A Friendly Comp Next Year?

Initial post there:
So anyway, a bunch of stars have aligned to push me into just trying to get into shape above and beyond what I’ve done at this point in my life. Primarily the fact that I recently re-re-re-re injured a spinal erector. I have been focused on Olympic lifting and getting back into powerlifting, but it just isn’t going to happen anytime soon. I went and did a shoulder workout and worked on some jerks (something I still though I could do) but ended up with my back in knots from just jerking. So, with all ties to Olympic lifting and powerlifting currently severed, screw it, I want to get ripped. This coincided with my seasonal transition to evening workouts (where I have a little more time for volume) and morning fasting (where it’s easier to control my diet for cutting), so it kinda turns out perfect.
I started back into bodybuilding style training about 2 weeks ago after not doing any for the past year+ so I’m still easing into the volume and intensity.

I’m doing low carb 8/16 intermittent fasting feeding from about 12:30 to 8:30

My current split is:
Full body eccentric-less recovery
Repeat as needed

I also train at home which is pretty challenging with my current physical limits, but I’m creative.
Initial stats:
5’10” – 196 pounds – 33 years old
(and I’ll include the obligatory notation that I don’t know how to pose)

Initial pictures:



Edit: the pics below are full body if you click on them.

2 Weeks in.

I’ve started a bastardized version of CTs “dest damn” program.

I’ve settled into a modified warrior style diet

I’m down to an even 195 this morning (-1.5 pounds)


Awesome that you started a log, will be following along. 1.5 pounds down in two weeks is a great start, you’re already starting pretty thick and well proportioned, looking forward to seeing your progress!

For the diet change to the warrior style diet, is that mainly a food selection adjustment or are you now no longer doing the IF?

Yeah, here initially I haven’t been attempting to loose weight. I’m just cleaning up (stopped drinking beer, est.) and getting into a routine.

I’m still IF, just a different style. My feeding window is down to about 5 hours but the fast is a controlled one. I’m getting about 200 calories with like 30 grams of BCAAs during the day. It’s largely just a convenience thing.

You have a real chance to challenge Brick in his two strongest areas–Legs, and facial hair.

Well, I just cut about 3 inches off of the beard, and I don’t even have my handlebar waxed.

Also wanted to share how I set up belt squats. This allows you to easily change weights, squat deep, and rest between sets without taking the belt or anything off.

Additionally, you can actually do assisted reps by yourself. If you use your hands to pick up on the plates or the end of the barbell, it gives you a mechanical advantage vs where the belt attaches. You can even do forced reps by yourself.


Bro, looking beefy. You have a real shot at this based on your very muscular base. If you can get lean, you’re a front runner.

Looking forward to this log.


Mixed bag this week. Traveling which is always hard. I did have access to a real leg press and stuff though which is nice. However, I did some regular (arched) bench and woke up with my back in knots and it took it about 2 days to lose up again. I still lifted but I couldn’t even do my normal lunchtime walking. I also had to spend 6 hours driving home which was pretty miserable. I was adjusting the seat every 15 minutes. Oh well. Stuck to my diet really well and woke up at 192.5 this morning. Down 4 pounds.

Been taking a pretty easy week. stayed on schedule but didn’t push anything hard. Didn’t do my normal walking this week because of how tight my back has been. 193, about the same weight as last week.

Definitely getting some veins.

Have you always had huge rear delts? Mine are decent sized, but yours are hella thick. With all due respect, you are a thick ass mother fucker.

Always been thicker than wide. I’ve always done lots of pressing and pulling without much medial delt work. I’d like to get them to stand out more from the front.

Delt, chest, and bicep veins.

I’m actually having some chest problems. I’m a tricep dominant presser and any fly stuff I do has been lighting up my right shoulder. Doing as best I can, but having real difficulty getting good work on my chest. Which sucks since that’s one of the things I’d like to bring up.

Over the holiday, I trained, but I got sick and had no appetite. No pictures or anything from this week, but I was 192.5 pounds this morning. Not the most productive holiday. Still getting over being sick.

Shit happens buddy. I’m sure you’ll be back on the saddle in no time.

Still sick. Still training. Down to 190.2 (-6.3) so far.

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No longer really sick, but I still have a pretty bad cough that’s been limiting harder lower body work that makes me breath hard. 189.6 pounds this morning. Down about 7 pounds. Onward and into the 180s. Last time I decided to get lean, 188 was my lightest, so I should be breaking into new territory soon.

Getting light. 189.0 (-7.5 pounds) this morning. Feeling really good. A pound away from the lightest weight I’ve been in the past 15 years. Back is feeling really good. I’ve also made a few changes this week. I’ve moved back to training in the morning for personal scheduling reasons. This means that now I’m training not only fasted, but in the middle of the fast not at the end of it. So no big meal afterward. I’ve also been doing a little olympic lifting again as warmups for my training, clean and jerks on push day and snatches on pull day. All very very light. I think that once I’m back to my regularly scheduled programming, I may try to do some olympic bodybuilding hybrid.

Duce, how’s the weight loss coming?

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