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The Drugs Topic


I'm sure you all have some sort of experience with drugs, be it the time you first smoked a cigarette to the time you got loaded and tried to stop a meat truck with your bare hands.

anyway, I really like drugs as a purely recreational tool. What do you all think?

Doesn't matter what drugs you talk about. Weed, beer, PCP, acid, coke, meth, heroin, pills. or anything you can think of.


this shit is awesome!


That's the opposite of what I believe. Although I do generally like 'drugs' if you were to define them as 'stuff you put in your body for a significant chemical effect', but each one has to be looked at on an individual basis.

Caffeine and low-grade stimulants are a yes, Marijuana and Alcohol conditional yays, and given everything I have heard about meth, it is a 'f--- no get the hell away from it'.

It's a very broad class of compounds, I don't think one attribute, safety, efficacy or quality can be applied to all of them.


I'm for em' as long as they're used 'safely' and in moderation.

Some I would never even think about trying though.
Even some of the ones that are 'safe' kinda scare me.


Some drugs are okay, some aren't so much.

Everyone has their own limits and willingness pertaining to what they'll put in their body.

Now, most people are quite ignorant about drugs. They hear "LSD" and they think of something other entirely than what it is. What's funny is I actually scoff at most of the conventional drugs... caffeine, nicotine, alcohol. :slight_smile:


most of the world has a crippling caffeine addiction and they don't realize it, because it's acceptable behavior. swap out "coffee" for "cocaine", and listen to how crazy everyone sounds.


Coffee is disgusting, but I can't help but pop a 200mg caffeine before I lift. If I don't have it, I feel like I can't do anything! Addiction indeed :stuck_out_tongue:


So, are you talking about any drug, or illegal narcotics, or...?

The whole drug thing amuses me, precisely because so many people freak out about it whilst not realizing that just about everyone in the modern world, including infants and toddlers, have taken drugs. If someone has popped some pseudoephedrine tablets for crapped up sinuses, they've taken drugs. If someone smokes cigarettes, they are addicted to a drug. If someone has every taken vicodin or codeine or morphine, etc, then they've taken drugs.

I've had people tell me I'm going to die for popping a caffeine tablet, and these same people drink the equivalent amount of caffeine in a Starbucks drink or energy 'shot'.

So, I'm all for 'most' drugs, as society really does depend on them in a number of ways. I take pseudoephedrine and caffeine responsibly on occasion when I need to drop my body fat low - in fact, I buy as much pseudoephedrine as I legally can each month, as I anticipate it eventually becoming prescription-only as people buy into hype.

I've drink alcohol recreationally, usually just a little wine though.

I've chewed morning glory seeds before to get the pretty visuals for a few minutes.

I chew tobacco on occasion.

I've tried a variety of legal highs.

I avoid illegal substances just because I can't risk the hassle of being caught and charged.

I do think some drugs 'bad', not as in evil, but as in too dangerous to risk. There's a difference between taking an ECA stack, for example, and taking meth. One can benefit you if used responsibly; the other can drag you into hell in short order if you're not careful.


Sooo you're saying, ya picked the peanuts out of my shit?


I'm stoned right now in fact. When I say drugs, I mean ANY drug. This thread is not exclusive to one or the other. And yeah, most people have caffeine addictions, glad to say I'm not one of them, but I did have a pretty brutal addiction to Carisoprodol for a few months.


"I rarely sip but pour me some..."


So, you're stoned right now but happy you don't have a caffeine addiction. You must have some kind of reverse gateway drug logic workin there.


"Starbucks is rediculous. I can't believe they charge $2 for 16oz cup filled with [cocaine]. All I want in the morning is some [cocaine], and they're gonna rape my pocketbook for it? High prices these days. I might as well just go grab some [cocaine] at McDonalds, or at some random gas station. There's the same amount of caffeine in the [cocaine] at all three of these places, why pay more?"

So crazy.


Hey OP....and I guess anyone else who smokes weed. You try this shit called k2/spice??? Its illegal in a couple states, its basically synthetic weed, and yes you ACTUALLY get high(Ive smoked weed for 7+yrs). I bought 1.5g for 18$ at a head shop. It doesnt show up in a piss test either...the shit WILL be federally illegal in NO TIME.


I think the reason that drugs get a bad rap is because of the people that use them. Some people drink and are the funniest and nicest people, some people get mean and dumb and start fights. Some people take speed because they're addicted and steal and whatnot to get more. Some people take it twice a year for music festivals etc and grow out of it when they're 30, 35, whatever.

I've had all the usual, weed, speed, coke, ecstasy, acid. I've smoked speed and snorted it. I've never given anyone any hassle and it's always added to my experience of life. Like everything else I hate how the people that can't handle their shit ruin it for me. I only want a little bit of gear a few times a year but at least where I am there isn't anything really because the cops have hit it so hard for so long.

I think drugs should be legal and controlled and taxed. You need to get a med cert to go on certain drugs (if you have family history of mental illness that counts our certain things, if you have heart issues then other things etc) and you have to have it renewed. Your usage is tracked so if you're having a lot you get councilling etc. Criminals are cut out of the deal because I can buy pretty much anything for $5-20 and the quality is guaranteed.

Some people think this is madness, but I think the main reason drugs pose such a problem is the lack of awareness and mental health availability in the western world. If the taxes from these things funded real education and mental health reform as well as all manner of other health reform and services then a lot of the cons that people feel about drugs would go away.

Some people aren't motivated towards trying drugs and that's cool, none of this is ever going to effect you. So why take it away? I get nder the current scheme why people are pissed about drugs, but it's not the drugs, it's the people and it's the system that under services the people that's the problem.

Just to finish ona high note though, personally I thing MDMA is my fave drug. I've been drinking coffee since I was 10ish I'd say ... I love it :slight_smile:


I went through a weed phase and enjoyed it, but it's strictly off limits from now on. It's a metaphor for the time in my life when I was immature.


If you haven't already, go to a festival like Bonnaroo, Rothbury, lollapaloza, vegoose etc. I was at Bonnaroo 2006 and it was like EVERY drug was legal....I mean, 50 ft from the local sheriff there were people selling all sorts of drugs! Granted, I did go through 2 fake stashes of mushrooms the first day (one was obvious looking back....BIG orange mushrooms? give me a break)

I think EVERY drug should be legal as well, for SOOOO many reasons, it doesn't even really make sense that they are ILLEGAL in the first place.

I love coffee as well....so fucking MUCH! (go ahead and call me an addict, I don't care)


not now man, i haven't had my meth yet this morning.


As much as that would be awesome, there are a lot of drugs that should not be legal, and some I'd prefer to stay out of the hands of greedy corporations. Could you imagine if weed was sold like cigs? Who knows the amount of chemical shit they'd put in there to get you hooked. I also heavily disagree with things like heroin and meth being legal. Bad, bad idea there. Shrooms and LSD I'm kinda iffy on, I don't really know how that would work.

I'd say it be better to just decriminalize some of these drugs, rather then straight up make it legal.


O.K. here is your break. They are called the "Big Laughing Gym", or Gymnopilus Spectabilis. They grow on various rotting hard woods, but I have found them most often on rotting fallen elm. Reportedly, they contain less psylocibin than some of the more popular hallucinogenic mushrooms, but still make for a giggly trip none the less. They probably aren't worth buying, but if you run into a patch, it can yield several pounds.

They occur annually between now and then end of October. Extreme caution should be used when gathering and sorting them, as their look alike the Deadly Galerina or Galerina unicolor which grow in the same environs at the same time can be easily mistaken, and as it says in the name can cause severe poisoning, even in small amounts.