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The Drugs Don't Work


We might as well give up then!

If we can’t compete fairly and drug free like the athletes of the past…

Yo, Brother! QUIT SMOKING THAT SHIT!! If you inherited more-or-less normal (or superior) genetics, it’s easy to moralize about how virtuous it is to be a “natural athlete,” attract suitable female companionship, and live a happy life. For some of us, none of that is an option, and we do what we need to do to get our bodies all-the-way-up to mediocre. Personally, I lifted hard and “clean” for 14 years and had damn little to show for it. A little juice made a big difference. “Artificial beats natural.” End of story.

It’s true, it’s true…American’s don’t do irony.

Just joking mate. I read posts sometimes and don’t know whether to jump in or not with my ‘is this guy for real’ comments and such.

I posted the article for amusement more than anything. I never ceased to be amazed at the ignorance of journalists. When you see in print the obvious lack of research or understanding they have on a particular topic you can’t help but wonder what sort of tainted information we get elsewhere in our news.

What a load of shit.

Yup, they obviously can make a huge difference in athletic performance and getting really big. But it’s sad to think that anybody would need them to attract suitable female companionship, and live a happy life. I think extremely few in any would fit in that category. The real problem there is the mind-not the body.

You suck donkey balls.

[quote]biscuite wrote:
You suck donkey balls.[/quote]

Who told you about that?