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The Drinking Thread


Post here if you're drunk.

What are you doing, what are you drinking, what's on your mind.

I'm watching "Weather Man", drinking Bacardi Limon and diet 7Up, but I ran out of diet 7Up and am now mixing the Bacardi with a generic diet white grape soda.



You have a head start on me, I just got off work and am about to start drinking. For me there is only one choice-beer! I am after all from Nova Scotia!



Smirnoff Vodka /w Diet Coke... Not drunk but I may get there in the next 30 min...I'll "pour out a little" for ya' guys (I need to get rid of the shit anyhow :D)


If I was drinking, I wouldn't be wasting my buzz on you bastards


yup, just switched to diet Pepsi. That white grape crap wasn't tasting to good.

The movie's over. It was pretty good, in a funny, depressing kind of way. Nicolas Cage is a great actor.

Thank God for Google's spell checker that comes with their toolbar.


Ha, but you're wasting your soberness on us!

I feel like going to a bar and throwing some darts.

It's too late, and my wife's waiting for me in bed.

One of us has to get up early to feed our daughter.

Good thing we keep yogurt and cheese sticks in our small fridge in our room. It buys us some time...


Buzzed here. I get every other weekend off, so I do indulge in a little demon water on those that I'm off. Just had heart pumping sex, now I'm resting and about to get ready to go to bed. Cheers!!


This thread needs a pic.

Feel the rath of double-distillation and choice charcoal filtration!


Yea, you're right...


Oh god Smirnoff is the worst shit you can drink. Talk about nasty cheap liquor.


The shit tastes like isopropyl alcohol to me, but it does the trick :smiley:


Well if you didn't already guess...

Of course I'm drunk. Too drunk to keep trying to spell stuff right in order to post. So I'm gonna drink my beer and watch whatever the girl put on TV.

Drink on!


Hahaha, yeah so will isopropyl, haha. Get some Skyy or Kettle One dammit and actually enjoy your drink.


Yep, been drinkin'. Just got off work. Drinkin' Skyy and Fresca. I'm off work until Monday night, March 6. Starting to get warmed up for the Arnold next weekend.


run the smirnoff through a Brita water filter a couple of times and it's fine.


True, when I buy another bottle it's gonna be something different.


I'm sober, so if anyone needs a designated poster . . .

crickets chirping


lloookol yyeaa III couolllud uusuee ooonee iifffy ou do n'''t mmmigndd..


Shiner Bock and Family Guy. Nothing like dark beer the German way to get a person a bit relaxed off-center for the Family Guy brand of humor. Drink on!!


Drunk. She just left. College.