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The Dream Theater Thread


I noticed there are quite a few Dream Theater fans on here and thought I'd start a thread, about one of my favourite bands, a close third place after Led Zeppelin and Rush.

I'm due to see both nights at the Hammersmith Odeon next month, with the second night promising a cover of some classic album.

Anyone got any idea of what they'll be covering?


My guess is a Rush album, at least I hope. Portnoy put together a Rush tribute band for the Drum Pad anniversary show deal. They played 2112(all of it) and the first half of Hemispheres. I'm waiting for a boot of that show to pop up but I haven't seen anything yet.


No idea. I'm a huge John Petrucci fan. He, along with Slash, Randy Rhoads, Kirk Hammett, and SRV serve as the foundations of my "lead" style. I think Train of Thought is one of the finest metal albums ever - timeless, but never achieved critical acclaim because of DT being labeled a "prog" band. It reminds of me of a modern day Master of Puppets.

Check out their Live at Budokan DVD. It's worth it just to see John's hands during the As I Am solo. Breathtaking.


Oooh, as far as covers, in the past they've covered Metallica's Master of Puppets in its entirety, and Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast and Killers albums I believe. Unfortunately, LaBrie's vocals don't do either of the albums justice.


i opened for dream theater back in 89-90 in ny.they were called majesty at the time and i think they had an album out under that name.


Hey just a question. I love rush but y'all are saying they are a " dream theater" variant of rock? i thought they were good ol 70's rock. If so whats the diff between dream theatre and anything else.


What's with LaBrie's voice?

I think he sounded amazing on Images & Words, but after that it just didn't have the same quality to it.

I still think he sounds good (it seems novel nowadays to hear someone belt it out pretty good), but it's a little flat, not as high and tight as it was on I&W.

I've only heard a little bit of the live stuff but it sounds like he's kinda lazy in concert (from what I've heard of Live Scenes from NY).


I dont know what album it was, but a few years ago I heard it in my friends car. I remember it to be really good. Thats my story, sorry it sucked.


I managed to find a bootleg of the 2112 cover, sounded pretty interesting, if a little flat.

I was keeping my fingers crossed for a 2112 cover, as on the Budokan DVD they said the Rush/Yes stuff goes over better in Europe.


I believe Neal Peart said that Dream Theater was "Rush evolved," so make of that what you will.


I never thought I'd like anything more that Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence, but Train Of Thought is excellent, albeit in a shorter, less overblown way. Excellent stuff.

I saw them last year doing the Train Of Thought tour and John Petrucci's soloing did not disappoint!


The only reason I would compare DT to Rush is that both bands are a whole other level above most bands when it comes to musicianship - two of the best drummers ever. Both bands have also changed over the years, keeping original without losing their sound. (Ignoring the Rush 'Hold Your Fire' and 'Presto' albums).

Rush was the second band I ever got into, and have all their albums from 'Rush' to 'Feedback', they were good old 70's rock in the beginning, but also listen to 'Vapor Trails' - one of their best albums in my opinion.


Queensryche is also an excellent (and very often overlooked) band in the Rush/DT vein. The guys in the band grew up ~ 10 minutes away from where I live.


I can't really comment to a great degree as I'm not a singing expert, but I think his voice is still interesting and distinctive enough to do the job. I think he sounds pretty good on the new Octavarium album.