The Dreaded Week Off!!!

Well after 20 hard weeks of training (just finished Staley’s 12-week Convergent Phase program), I am forcing myself to voluntarily take a week off from lifting, and I plan to go into EDT after my layoff. I probably should’ve done it a few weeks ago, but it is hard as hell for me to stay out of the gym. How many of you struggle with this as well, and what do you all do to keep your sanity? I’m planning on some light cardio sessions as well as some much needed STRETCHING. It doesn’t take me long to lose strength, but I have a couple of dings I need to let rest before getting hardcore with EDT.

consider takin 10-14 days off in light of the recent fast twitch IIx thread. i go and play basketball a couple times a week.

My best gains ever were after a 6 week off period. Now I take about a week off every 2 months, due to work. Many times after taking a week off I come back stronger, that proves that my body needed the break. I tend not to lose strength until I take 2-3 weeks off. I would say don’t worry about just one week.

I take at least a week off every 6-12 weeks - at the end of a cycle. I never used to, but I really feel it helps. Basically I find that training interferes with my sleep I take long enough off to reset my sleep - about a week, and then about another 3 days… This gives me time to prepare another programme and diet and get back into the gym with real enthusiasm - which is sounds like you have no problem with! Also I have a shit-load of injuries, which only seem to get better with more rest…

i HATE taking a week off. dont worry, i do, but i really dont like it. i get the “fatskinny” syndrome. you know, where you feel fat, and look in the mirror and think you lost muscle. i also “think” that i soften up, but its all just mental bullshit. im taking one once i finish this cycle, and its absolutely essential. when you get back in the gym, you feel incredibly rested, and excited to hit the weights again. (BTW, i would say take a few cheat meals during your week off.)

I once went over 2.5 years without ever taking more than 2 days off training. This was more of a psychological “feel good” addiction as i just didnt feel all that great if I didn’t train. Now I force myself to take a week off every few months but i probably still overdo the “other activities” during my week off. I’ve found the ideal activity to do is swimming if it’s available as it allows you to get some activity while sparing the joints and eccentric stress. Also I use saunas and try to get a lot of stretching in.

I have to agree with Kelly. Pool work (swimming, treading water, running/walking in shallow water) are all things that I do when I need a workout, but don’t need the wear and tear of weigh-bearing activities. It is refreshing, relaxing, but still can be hard work. I also like to take advantage of the steam room, sauna and play around with contrast showers. You have to consider your week off as training for recovery. It is still training and just as important.