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The Dragon...Anybody Been?


Took a trip from the great white north down to hwy #129, Deal's Gap on the NC/Tenn border in mid September. I've ridden some of the best motorcyle roads in North America and for pure twisty fun, this may be the best.
Anybody else been?


318 turns in 11 miles


I've never been, but I didn't want you to think that simply because no one is responding that no one here rides. I think at least five regulars ride motorcycles regularly, including me. There are enough twisties around here to keep me satisfied.


Ah, Deals Gap. Did you have to wait in a traffic jam to run the twisties? I've heard many, many stories about wrecks, assholes going too fast and the accumulation of bike parts on the side of the road. Never had the desire to run it myself, but I understand that it is quite the attraction.


I havent been thier..haven't barely been out of Ontario yet but thier is lots of great riding here as you probably well know. This summer we took a week long trip up into Quebec and then to Timmins and Cocrane. Awsume ride, especially in the muskokas. It's tough to get away but plan on taking at least one week long trip each year in a different direction.




Have you ever rode highway 99 out in BC?


I had done a little research before headin down and realized that summer months and weekends would be a bad idea. Not only would Deal's gap be too busy in summer but the Blue Ridge pkwy would be full of families in their RV's as well. Mid-Sept. is the best time, we had the pkwy to ourselves. We hit Deal's gap on a Wed. morning and again had it to ourselves. It is a dangerous road though and I would'nt even consider it on a weekend day.
Here's a pic of the tree of shame.


There is some decent riding up around the Muskokas and further east around Bancroft. The roads between the Sault St. Marie and Thunder Bay are also good, but I think I was spoiled on my trip out to NM, Utah, Colorado and Montana a couple summers back. There's really nothing here that compares in any meaninful way.


Yeah, hwy 99 up to Whistler is a pretty fantastic ride. It's one of the most scenic rides in North America. It's certainly not as technical as Deal's gap, but more scenic with more high speed sweepers as opposed to the switchbacks and tight twisties at the dragon. It will be interesting to see how 99 changes after it's widened for the winter olympics


Sounds like a great time. I am definitely going to make that trip when my children are older. It's probably been 4 years since I've been able to get out on the road.


i just started riding this summer, but i love going to killboy and looking at all the pics. deal's gap is a little far for me but it looks like a great time.