The Downward Spiral


145 x 5
165 x 3
185 x 5

205 x 5
235 x 3
260 x 5

Straight leg Deads:
(165 x 10) x 3

Single arm DB shrugs

This has got to be my favorite workout, at least the cleans and squats. Nothing makes me feel weaker, like there’s progress to be made. The squats today felt notably better than they did on Tuesday, and I’m glad that I hit the same reps on this part of the cycle as I did on the 333.

Last night’s sleep was all fucked up. I went to bed at 8pm, thinking I would get a few extra hours of nightmares. Woke up at midnight. I couldn’t get back to sleep, so I skyped the fam, read, wrote, and downloaded the animated Spawn series on Itunes. Finally fell back to sleep at 5, and woke up today at 11am. I’m glad it’s not a work day.

Also, haven’t had a drink since Sunday. One day at a time.


120 x 5
135 x 3
150 x 6

BW 75lbs.
7 (really thought I would grind out 8 here)

BW 45lbs. 5 x 3.

Had to stop here. Felt sick to my stomach for some reason. Another night of very little sleep.

4AM PT: 5.75 miles in 42 minutes. Wasn’t planning on pushing it very hard, but I decided I couldn’t let anyone in my squad beat me, so I knocked it out. Almost stepped on a hedgehog in the gloom. I wonder if it would have popped or just sort of crunched and collapsed?

Tuesday, 3PM:

Started drinking again

[quote]Ambugaton wrote:
I wonder if it would have popped or just sort of crunched and collapsed? [/quote]

Hahahaha the latter, although the former would be funnier.

[quote]Jaice wrote:

[quote]Ambugaton wrote:
I wonder if it would have popped or just sort of crunched and collapsed? [/quote]

Hahahaha the latter, although the former would be funnier.

Probly right. We’ve all played Sonic the Hedgehog. We know what happens when hits outweigh coins collected.

In other news, Germans need to stop having festivals whenever they see fit. I’m tired of taking advantage of their women. Not really, but I am tired of falling back into the downward spiral every time they have a goddamn holiday.


I am stateside again. Very jetlagged. The lifting didn’t go well today


300 x 5
340 x 3
380 x 2 (and then one more because fuck me)


(185 x 10) x 3

DB Snatch:

50lb x 5 each arm
80lb x 3 each arm
100lb x 2 each arm

Shrug and Pull:
(135 x 10) x 3

Everything was hazy and unmotivated today. Tomorrow I will try harder. I need to figure out what sort of rep schemes are generally used with O lifts if I’m going to start incorporating more of them in my training.

In other news, sleep deprevation has been doing interesting things to my writing.

Been sick for the past week. I’ve been trying to get in the gym, hit my numbers and leave, but sleeping on a couch and jetlag are still taking their toll. I will post more detailed accounts again when I have anything to report.

Felt a bit better today. Back still feels a bit messed up.

135 x 10
185 x 5
215 x 5
245 x 7

One Arm DB Circus Press:
(60lb. x 5) x 5

A1) Facepulls 20 reps
A2) Pullups, mixed, to form failure
A3) Rope Pushdowns
x 3

B1) More Pullups
B2) Shrugs, 20 reps

Ab Stuff



145 x 3
165 x 3
185 x 4

200 x 3
230 x 3
255 x 5

(165 x 10)x3


115 x 3
130 x 3
150 x 6

10, 10, 8, 6, 6, 5, 5, 5, 5.

(155 x 10) x 5

Traps and calves misc.


Warmup with jumps, lunges, etc.

135 x 5
225 x 5
285 x 3
330 x 3
370 x 3 (My lower back felt like it had been taken to with a meat tenderizer today. No idea why.)

(165 x 10)x5

I called it after this. I need some pain killers and a bottle of scotch.

Yesterday’s training:
Interval running: 30s run/45s rest x 18 rounds

14 hours of travel tomorrow and I will be back in Germany. Then I get to readjust to a time zone, restock my fridge and get back on the goddamn horse.
The plan is to start regulating my diet as soon as I get back, and see if that gets me better results. I figure I could give it 100 days. It’s a nice, round number. We will see what happens.

Day 100
Morning Training:

Short hill sprints x20. Ten minutes of jogging for cooldown.

I’m going to start keeping track of my nutrition, as previously posted. Today is day 100, and we will count down from there. I don’t know what happens at zero. Think I’ll get a new tattoo or something.

In other news, Lufthansa lost my luggage, which held my boxing gloves, my weight belt, and quite a lot of my gym clothes. The more contact I have with people and businesses German, the less I like.

Day 100, Continued

200 x 3
230 x 3
255 x 5

(85 x 10) x 5

Shrug and Pull:
(145 x 10) x 3

Kroc Rows:
45 x 10
75 x 10
130 x 8 (Overzealous)
110 x 18.

Today was the first day in many that I felt like my old self in the gym. I’m going to hope it continues.

You say you drink a lot? Without getting too personal, how much is a lot?

[quote]Jaice wrote:
You say you drink a lot? Without getting too personal, how much is a lot?[/quote]

No worries man. Honestly, I usually drink whatever it takes to make me pass out. This can vary from four to six beers to a couple glasses of scotch. The problem usually isn’t that I drink a lot in one sitting, but that I drink very consistantly. A sober night is a rare night.

I was doing well there for awhile, and then I went to Afghanistan and didn’t have the option. When I got back, things got a bit out of control.

I was on citalopram for about a year, which is anti-anxiety/depression. I had no desire to drink while I was on the stuff. Then they took me off of it, and, what do you know, I relapsed into self-medicating.

Day 99

155 x 5
175 x 3
195 x 3

215 x 5
240 x 3
270 x 4 (This felt pretty good. I know it’s a comparitively weak number, but it’s a personal best, so I’ll take it)

(205 x 10) x 5

So as far as the Boring But Big template is concerned, five sets of the deadlift is by far the most challenging of the assistance segments. It was the lower back that really started to take it, after awhile, and after the third set I put my belt on for the remaining two.

Here is how nutrition looked yesterday, briefly:
Carbs: 112 (peri-workout)(17.5 from fiber)
Fat: 130
Protein: 248.5
Total Calories: 2642

I’m going to keep carbohydrates at around 100 grams on workout days, and cut way back on rest days. I’m going to try to get calories a little higher today, somewhere near 3000. Next week I’ll drop it by a bit depending on how I feel overall.

My captain called me fat today, which is funny because I’m in better shape than 90 percent of the company, I outrun everyone, and he spends most of the time in the gym doing curls. Go army.

Day 98: Rest day

Carbs: 47 (21 from fiber)
Fat: 137
Protein: 230
Calories: 2257

Day 97:

115 x 5
140 x 3
155 x 4

(155 x 10) x 5

10, 9, 7, 5

Ab stuff

A1) cable pushdows
A2) close grip pullups
x 3 sets

Day 95:

AM training:
short hills x 30. 10 sets of three with one minute rest in between sets.