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The Double Knee Bend


I find that everytime i try to incorporate the double-knee bend when doing power cleans i lose momentum and thus can't handle as much weight as when i don't do a double knee bend.... I've done lots of reading on the proper form, but i still can't seem to get the DKB right.. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions?


im just gonna bump this thread up cuz im confused as hell about the double knee bend too


I think its supposed to happen naturally. Its something that happens when you try to keep the bar close to you so you can pull the bar up.


It does happen naturally, although I've heard of it being taught, I wouldn't know how to do it specifically. I think if you just focus on jumping and ripping the bar as hard and fast as you can, it will take care of itself. I (here we go again with highjack) personally think it is overrated in importance.

I've yet to talk with a european lifter who even knew what the hell it is, much less pointing it out that it was or wasn't being done. I think it is simply something the American coaches have noticed, and have tried to make it out to be some sort of key to success or something.


You don't necessarily have to be aware of the DKB to do it. Focus on lifting the bar off the floor with control, keep it close, and be sure to keep the same back angle while doing so. As the bar is passing your knees, explode! If you are keeping your technique, you will do the DKB naturally.


Do you happen to have a vid of you lifting? I am curious to see a lift without a DKB.


Oh I do the DKB for sure, and I can't think of anyone off the top of my head who doesn't. I'm just saying American coaches put too much emphasis on it, and athletes worry about it too much.


Thank God! I though I was the only one struggling with this. I usually botch the entire lift trying to double bend, end up knocking the bar with my knees. i have noticed that some of the elite lifters do more of a "twitch" than a bend. So I should probably just continue to accelerate naturally and let the DKB occur on its own time.


I believe there were some elite lifters who never did the double knee bend and won medals.


I was having the exact same problem when I was trying to teach myself good technique. Anyway, I've got a coach now and he reckons far too much emphasis is placed on the first pull, second pull, rebending etc. He keeps telling me to just keep my back angle the same to my knees and the explode upwards. It has taken some of the technical dilemas out of trying to learn new lifts!



I had alot of problems doing this but I started doing front squats at the start of all of my workouts and that helped fix it. Also, Focus on not moving your feet out of the starting position. Try to keep them still, I know they probably won't, but if you do that it forces yourself to drop under the bar.


When I practice ol lifts, I dont care too much about that technique stuff. I just make sure the bar starts on the floor and ends up somewhere higher without being tired in my hands :slightly_smiling:


Sorry, but I disagree with this completely.

Firstly, if he does his front squats first then his legs will already be fatigued for his cleans and this will affect the amount of power he can generate. Speed before strength.

Secondly, most oly lifters will start with a relatively narrow stance and will at least turn their toes out at the end of the second pull. This is the only way he will be able to sit down between his legs when dropping under the bar.

Just my tuppence worth.