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The Double Down


Not sure if this has been posted yet, but this is a new staple in my diet. 54g protein and only 540 kcals? I could eat these all day long. Thank you KFC. I just don't know why it took so long to come up with this goodness.


I dont find it to be very appealing, Im just not a big fan of any fast food regardless if its kfc, mcdonalds etc. I like to stick with more of a cleaner diet.

Nothing wrong with it if its what you want and like, just isnt my thing to eat fast food.


I had one the other day and was not impressed with the taste or the cost. A drink, potato wedges, and the double down costs like $7.60. If you're just looking for lean protein why not eat tuna or chicken breast? Cheaper, less cals, and more protein.


True, I do think they are over priced. But I don't care. They're delicious, and I'm not on a budget so...


The grilled version prolly ain't all that bad. Might try one soon.


Grilled version is probably worse for you. I'm no stranger to a cheat meal, but these things taste like ass anyway.


How do you figure?


people actually go to kfc for grilled chicken?


seriously, what's the point? if i want grilled chicken i'll just make my own and it'll be way better. though i wouldn't go to kfc for fried chicken either if there's a popeyes near by.



^Did you know that the double down is better for you than one single egg yolk?

Seriously though I heard the sandwich did not taste good.


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the cheese and the... sauce(?) turns it into a kind of goopy mess. And it's small enough where I can eat it in about 3 bites. But they're delicious bites.