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I attended the florida seminar and have a question about the dont diet plan and how to figure out my calories. Is the equation the same as massive eating but i subtract 15% after I figure out RMR + ACTIVITY FACTOR, COST OF WEIGHT TRAINING+ COST OF CARDIO,+ TEF than do I subtract 15% of that total number

Was also wondering how to change the amsasive eating plan, to weight loss plan

I understand that the first 3 meals are protein-carb and the last three meals are protein fat. Was also wondering how to figure calories

I had the exact same question as Bill. What changes do we make in the massive eating plan calculations in order to convert it into a fat loss plan? Maybe John could help us out!

This question is easier said than done. I make a point of stressing the fact that humans, when in a hypocaloric dieting situation tend to throw off all known equations for metabolic rate. What happens is that RMR slows, activity factors decrease because people tend to be sluggish and lazier when dieting, TEF decreases, Training intensity goes down as does the cost of training, and hormone levels are unfavorable for high metabolic activity (unless you’re on all kinds of gear).

So basically no equation is valid in prediciting needs for dieting. Remember, as soon as you lower calories, your needs go down. Then you lower them more, and needs go down more...it's a downward spiral. You might need 1000 calories less than those calculated for Massive Eating just for maintainance. So here is a temporary plan (until I post the dont diet articles).

Take your massive eating calculations and subtract 20% of the caloric intake (my cals were 5000 from massive eating and 20% off of that is 4000 cals). Then subtract an additional 15% from that to take yourself 15% below new "maintainance" (or your prediction of maintaininace) from above. This is 4000 minus 15% which equals 3400 cals. This is what you will probably need to consume if you are "dieting".

Thanks john, On the taper plan are meals 1,2,3 ratios about 60% carbs, 35% protein <5 grams fat. Meals 4,5,6 < 5 grams carbs, 55% protein, 45% fat. Is this about right? Last three meals will be slightyly higher than the first three becvause of the fat content, maybe 100 calories or so?

John i hear what your saying about Metabolism i slowed mine down foolishly by increasing aerobic activity and dropping clories last yr and while i lost fat i payed the price of lowering my metabolism…i’m trying your massive eating program and while i’m supposed to be eating 3800 cals a day , i’m at 2700 cals a day. Is there any way i can increase my metabolism with out putting on mounds of fat?I’m also eating about 300 grams of protein a day, is that too much? won’t it start getting stored as glycogen? just wanted to hear from the man himself . I ahve another post up under diet help and i appreciate everyone that has responded

Looks pretty good. Remember, though, there was all that stuff about personal insulin sensitivity and fat tolerance. Ive recieved alot of positive feedback on this approach but it will not work for everyone. Esp if you arent ensuring high insulin sensitivity with supplements. If this plan doesnt work for you, then try changing things around a bit.