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The Donald on WWE Raw?


So, in a fit of insomnia, I'm sitting and watching crappy cable stuff waiting to fall asleep. Then I see a commercial for Donald Trump to make an appearance on WWE Raw. WTF? The Donald must be short on publicity lately. And there's some sort of McMahan (sic?) vs. Trump wager about him cutting off that dead animal he's been wearing on his head.

Why am I posting this? I have no idea. I'm tired and can't sleep, so my brain isn't really hitting on all cylinders. As much as I despise the WWE crap, I almost, Almost want to watch for the sheer circus of it all. Or maybe its the lack of sleep. I'm going to bed. This will all be back to normal when I wake.


You are not dreaming


10 years?

Why the hell would you resurrect a 10 year old random late night post? It was dead, let it stay dead!


I didn’t look at the date and nearly went to check if he was going on Raw tomorrow.

Top quality programming imo: