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How many times a day is too much when urinating for a 28 year-old male? What’s average? Is there an average? I drink well over a gallon of water, not to mention other fluids, a day and urinate about 6 times a day.


Dr. Ryan, would like some advice here. The night before a major competition (not a bodybuilder) I get at the most 2 hours of “nap like” sleep. But 2 nights before I’m able to sleep at least a good 5-6+ hours. Sometimes aided by some alcohol. Now that Spike has come out, I’m able to perform at a higher level for much longer period of time even on 1 or less hours of sleep the night before. Keep in mind I am still in bed with my eyes shut for aournd 7-8 hours, just not sleeping. Guess its an overabundance desire to compete that has me anxious. Any suggestions? thanks


I was wondering what sort of things are productive to think about while competing. My major sport isn’t weight lifting or bodybuilding, but instead it’s GOLF. As you may know, golfers are total head cases, as such, I could use any such tools that you may be able to offer to help keep my game in the zone.



I can’t recall that I have seen an average stated. Although the average person will produce appx 1.5 liters of urine a day. A minimum of .5 liters is usually necessary to excrete metabolic by-products.

Obviously it is going to be dependent on not only the volume of fluid you consume, but also by the concentration.

Actually, the body is quite adept at regulating water and electrolyte balance.

The actual process of urination is determined by both the volume and pressure in the bladder. Nerve impulses are sent to automatically produce urination. Higher brain centers allow you to inhibit this to some degree, which is good or would chronically be pissing yourself.

How sensitive the person’s bladder is and the rate of the nerve impulses, will probably determine how often the person heeds the call to urinate.

Given the quantity of fluid you consume, urinating 6 times a day does not seem like a problem.

Actually high protein diets do increase glomerular filtration rate and can result in increased urine production.

A significant change in urine production that is not a result of increased fluid intake or less sweat loss due to decreased activity levels, should be evaluated.

Take care,



Sounds like you get some serious performance anxiety.

As far as advice, I would suggest:

Avoid any significant caffeine or stimulant intake the day before your competition.

Try to avoid any mentally stimulating activity later in the evening.

A hot bath, a little while before sleep often helps.

Try to eat some carbs in your bed-time meal.

Many people report deeper sleep with ZMA supplements.

5-HTP can help

Herbs like Valerian/Chamomile/Kava have been used for relaxation/anxiety.

You may want to see if your significant other would be up for a quickie, just no marathon sessions.

I would also ask Dan John, Eric and Mike to see if they have any pre-comp problems and what they have found successful.

Check out the D-Tap by the sports psych Dr. to see if he offers any suggestions.

Those are a few general suggestions.

Thanks, 5htp doesn’t work. And I don’t take in any caffine or stimulants the day before. Maybe I should see a sports psychologist and get some zanax?? Or a couple shots of crown royale…

I can relate to the over-active Sympathetic Nervous System prior to competing!

As for natural products, I’ve found that some magnesium, GABA, melatonin, and sleepytime tea works pretty well. If I’m really cranked up, I might throw in a couple of diphenhydramine HCl (benadryl), though I try not to.

However, I’ve also opted, here and there, to go the Rx route with ambien; and it’s the bomb.

But the best advice: get a sexy, frisky girlfriend to help you with some ‘cardio’ before bed; that always puts me to sleep - and with a smile on my face!

Clay Hyght, DC, CSCS

Quick question:1 and half ago I got into a bike/car accident and dislocated my shoulder. Got back to being healthy again and stuff. But there’s something that’s still bothering me.

Problem:When benching and doing pull-ups, I tend to feel it more in my teres minor infraspinatus and rhomboid.Like there getting activated but don’t feel it on my left side.

What’s up, Doc?


Check out the D-Tap with the sports psychologist and do a search for his article.

Also, I have a patient who is a PGA golf pro and he does some psych screenings on his athletes. PM me as a reminder and I’ll check with him to see what he would suggest.



What kind of damage was done to the shoulder as a result of the dislocation?

Also, what kind of rehab program did/are you performing?

Dr Ryan, I noticed this Dr Clay guy jumping in on your thread. Does this bother you (because you’re all competitive and territorial)? Or is this cool, (because you can practice phrenology on each other)?

Smithers: But sir, phrenology was dismissed as quackery…

Burns: Of course you’d say that! You have the sloping brow of a stage coach tilter!

Dr Ryan, don’t let this foreigner come between us. I think he’s suffering from a coccygeal subluxation. I also think he should be barred from the country, eh. I’m going to alert the authorities now…


Are you still in D.C.?

If so, tell Phill (aka Kid Rock) I said “Hi,” and “I hope his Mom is doing well.”

For those who don’t know, Dave is just trying to be funny in his post, but since he is Canadian, it is hard to tell.

Dr. Clay and I graduated together and I have a lot of respect for him. He really has a lot to contribute to T-Nation. Check out the Top 30 T-Nation diets link for his article.


Homeland Security has already been alerted to Dave’s presence and I am sure he will be BARRED from the country in short order.