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The Disappearance of T Nationers


I follow quite a few logs and like to keep up with peoples logs. I’ve noticed quite a people have just randomly stopped logging there workouts or posting, are yall ok ?


Kind of happens dude. Even on other sites. Im on IntenseMuscle and quite a few people up and leave.


Maybe Deadlifting every day was a little aggressive?


Oh okay like why though, its such a good site lol.


Time, priorities,… life just happens



Sometimes they are, sometimes they’re not, sometimes we never find out.

There are a bunch of people who’ve disappeared over the years for reasons well-known or not. Best you can do is try bumping their log by tagging them, cross your fingers and hope for the best.

You’ve been here just over a year. Imagine us old-timers who’ve been on the site 12+ years and seen tons of people come and go. It’s one of the downsides of forum-friendships.


I’ve lurked and dabbled in posting for close to a decade. The turnaround is astonishing. When I got started here Prof. X was king and Gus Pacho was trying to lean down on the V-diet


And then you have those few f-ckers who Are dug in deeper than Louisiana tick.



and former regulars that are now occasional lurkers


I’m still here…!
I will never leave.


and old lurkers who are still lurking…


I hate how the site looks. We’re all in goddamned little circles for our avatars.




I’m here occasionally, but generally very briefly.


I miss the threads as actual pages. You could reference thing much more easily than the current system of scrolling to post #s imo.



What? Stu’s been here longer than I have. Haha


he is an active poster though lol


I’m just taking a break from logging at the moment.

Still training, still visiting these forums and still occasionally trolling.



At this point i might as well be furniture-lol



Not that anyone cares since I just posted sarcastic remarks most of the time but with 3 kids and 3 dogs working full time there isn’t an abundance of time to fuck around on the internet anymore