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The Dirty Thirty Log


Hello, my name is Noah and while I'm not new to lifting I still feel like a bit of a beginner. However, I'm wanting to start and take a step to the next level and I'm hoping this place can help me with that. A little bit about myself:

Sex: Male
Age: 31
Height: 5'10"
Current Weight: 180lbs
Body Fat is currently unknown

When I was 19 I was 135lbs soaking wet but I was so active in sports I stayed incredibly lean. Just like a lot of men in their mid twenties I entered the work world and quickly put on a gut and jumped to 160lbs and was your classic skinny fat guy.

Two kids later and age quickly flying by I decided to start hitting the iron. I stumbled across a book called Scrawny to Brawny and subsequently came across Precision Nutrition. I've been hanging out there for two years now and have learned tremendously from it, but I wanted to come here where it's a bit more oriented on getting big instead of getting lean.

I've bulked, I've cut and I've done a lot of lifting. Right now I'm doing the super squats program with my last two workouts looking like this:

March 27th:

Overhead Press:
10x25, 35, 70, 85, 95, 100, 105

Bench Press:
12x35, 70, 105, 125, 145, 155

Super Squats:
10xBW, 8x35, 6x70, 4x125, 20x150


Stiff Legged Dead Lifts:

Pull Overs:

Bent Over Rowing:
15x125 suppinated, 15x125 pronated

10x70, 70

Toe Raises:
3x20xBW+37.5 each side

Elevated Leg Crunches:

Last night:

Overhead Press: 6x25, 35, 70, 125, 125, 125, 125
Incline Bench Press: 6x35, 70, 125, 145, 145, 155
Super Squats: 10xBW, 8x35, 6x70, 4x125, 1x160, 20x160
Pullovers: 20x35
Rack Pulls just below knee: 125, 160, 175, 205, 225, 255, 275, 305, 325, 345, 365, 385 (Fail)
Pullovers: 20x35

My last test of maxes a few months ago resulted in the following:

Bench Press: 240lbs
Overhead Press: 150lbs
Back Squat: 245lbs
Deadlift: 335lbs (Although I have done 365 but it was ugly as hell. I should have put my back out)

So I'm going to start logging here and start reading others hoping to get some ideas. I'm considering investing in some bands for my home gym setup and possibly chains down the road. Again, I'm looking to get to the next level here and looking for help.

I can post pictures if anyone wants to see them. I'm at the top end of a bulk right now so I'm on the loose side, but I'm going to tighten up for my beach vacation in 6 weeks.


This is a picture of day one when I first started lifting. Skinny fat!


End of the first big bulk, exactly one year ago...


Cut to well into single digit body fat...


Just one week to go for this current bulk...


Let's try this again...



I was coming up with every excuse not to workout tonight. I REALLY didn't want to. I'm on pace for a 65 hour work week and the kids aren't sleeping worth a damn. However, I'm as stubborn as they come and sometimes you just have to do what you have to do. I just happen to turn it into a personal grudge and feel the need to match my best logs to date.

Overhead Press: 10x25,35,75,95,105,115
Bench Press: 12x35,75,125,145,165
Super Squats: 10xBW, 8x35, 6x75, 4x125, 2x145, 1x175, 20x175
Pullovers: 20x35
Bent Over Rowing: 2x15x125
Stiff Legged Dead Lifts: 1x15x125
Pullovers: 20x30
Ez Bar Curls: 2x10x70
Toe Raises: 3x20xBW+30 each side
Crunches: 25xBW


  • After video review, I stand corrected: 21x175lbs BOOYA!

  • I wanted to quit after every exercise

  • My forearms feel pretty good. I might just put more weight on those curls and see how they respond

  • Okay, so the squats are now officially hard. No wait, that was F%$KING hard. I like it. Next up, 180lbs.


Here's the video of my 21x175lbs super squat!


Another long day today. I'm ALMOST done these weeks of insanity. Saturday is my last day of working mad hours.

Today I started to plan some GSD meals. I swear I'm going to do something else instead of my usual BBQ steak, BBQ chicken and BBQ burgers. I promise to give Tony a run for his money.

Spent some time with the kids before bed and plopped on the couch to continue enjoying my week of from lifting and eating all PN like.

OKAY OKAY OKAY! Damn, you caught me red handed.... Data:

Bench Press:
4x225 Bow chica wow wow

Circuit A (As many reps in 5 minutes as possible supersetting back and forth)

Incline DB Press with 50lb dbs:
Reps: 48
Reps: 30 Holy crap I'm heavy right now

Circuit B (As many reps in 5 minutes as possible supersetting back and forth)

DB Alternating Curls with 25lb dbs:
Reps: 52 each arm
Tricep Extensions with highest stroop:
Reps: 46

Gorilla Ups: 2x12xBW


  • Okay so it wasn't exactly a week off, but I feel awesome. Yes, I realize it's only Tuesday. Give me a break here. Most people make excuses NOT to workout. I made one up so I COULD workout.

  • Love the new Olympic set. I just had to bench 225 because it looked so cool with the big plates. I certainly wasn't expecting to pound out four reps. Nice.

  • I am very mentally ready for GSD on Monday.

  • I'm having a post workout Bitburger, Germany's finest draught. Hey, it was an unplanned workout and GSD is soon. I deserve it.

  • Fresh knurls on a brand new barbell are sharp. I wonder when I'm doing deads next. I might need shin pads, because there's going to be some bleeding going on.

  • I won't complain if I never do a gorilla up again in my life, which usually means I should do more of them.


What's that smell???