The "Dirty Delete"!

If a member deletes their comment in a thread it stays visible for a while (if you click view deleted comment), I believe it then disappears after a while permanently?

I’m not on social media much as I find most of it unsavory however T Nation I think is great. If I post something stupid or inflammatory rather than delete it a little while later I think my words should be there “for all time” so others can see what I’ve written, what I really think and even what a cock I can be.
The fact that deleting may make the rest of the thread disjointed or even worthless makes being able to delete it even less of a “community” function (IMO).

If someone writes something they regret they could email a mod and ask for it to be removed and give their reason (photos or personal info come to mind)

Can we please limit the ease that members can delete their own threads to aid in both continuity of threads and accountability of members please?

I love that you can see people’s edits here for a short time. It’s cool to see when people speak passionately about something they enjoy but either overexplain or re-read their posts and make amendments. What I really love though is when people reveal their true colors but then show a little bit of self-awareness reading back and either tone down their anger or completely remove part of a post they knew would look bad on them - it’s hilarious. Some users are worse than others for this, and I likely do it myself occasionally too. However, having it there forever I feel is unnecessary. After a certain amount of time, it’s just needless clutter in the SQL database because people edit stuff all the time.

Tagging mods in to delete/edit posts you wish you never made works well if it has to be removed more urgently. That said, on the deletion of threads I think it’s okay when people delete threads pretty soon or before anyone has replied but yeah, sometimes there are old threads where OPs have been deleted and you miss out on a ton of context. I think it’s a minor issue though.

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I’m here because I’m grateful for the folks that helped me get to where I was, but now I stick around to help others.

If T Nation does this, I’ll move over to UGBB full time.

Don’t worry, I’m not deleting this post.

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Totally agree on that point @cdep89, however if I read the post after the comment has been deleted I wont know they’ve toned down their anger, and if after their now gone post someone writes and says something along the lines of you are wrong etc. then that person may not make sense and may actually themselves look wrong/angry or just silly?

Obviously I think you (or anyone) leaving would be a shame but cant see how this may affect your use of the site because as far as I can remember you tend to own your mistakes and change your opinion when you think justified?

Not wishing to argue the point as I just think it may help keep some threads being coherent and if its not implemented I think I will survive and not need to leave the site.

Also, tbh, that wouldn’t mess up the thread at all, in fact it would be in my favor! (but id still glad you wont).

I delete all my posts now after 1 to 24 hours. It is great.

Thanks again @throwawayfitness. Your handle makes more sense to me now (sorry I was slow for a while).

Now I just assume all my input is trash instead of some other person deciding what to keep on the site.

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My first response is usually a super dickish response.
I filter it to sound more appropriate for the conversation, then post it.
Sometimes that filter wasn’t strong enough and my response is STILL more dickish than I wanted to be.
And I’d like to edit/delete that out when I want to, without relying on a mod to do it for me.

Also, I like anonymity and being able to redact things I’ve said before that I no longer agree with or see as correct information.

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That would be great. Then I will stop posting. Cry for help LOL.

I’d like it the other way. Get rid of that timer feature so I can delete as often as I want.

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@throwawayfitness for Forum President if not President.

All my thoughts are private now. Sometimes I share them for a little bit with the public.

This whole board a little screwed up. We can talk sources now but no DMs. Ok.

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If we could bring back private messages again, I’d be more okay with the delete going away.

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Thanks for the replies all, especially @throwawayfitness, I had planned on doing something similar to (I’d have pasted it later on for fullness honest).


Is this when deleting posts become more important than the information it contains? Why the sudden urge to delete posts from a forum you intended to participate in? I don’t see the meaning of it other than becoming an outlier. Sometimes we do things - just because we can. I believe this is one example of such an action. But, you do get your fair share of attention @readalot!

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I have put in much more than I have received. As it should be.

All good points. Thanks for the feedback. Perhaps the moral of the story is never get too comfortable to anything. Nothing lasts. Change is constant, blah blah.

I do credit @throwawayfitness 's genius here. I would not have come up with it on my own. Thanks again Stud.

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