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The Dire Need of Support In The Iron Game


Hi T-Nation,

My name is Kairiki (extra points if you can figure out the meaning of the name). :slightly_smiling:

I have been lurching here for a few weeks now and finally decided to post. I am looking to help support others 30 and over in their goals in exercise and to receive support too. No man is an island and I realized that now.

I am a 39 years young lifter who follows the procotols of Stronglifts. Now, I know you may be wondering:

  1. Why doesn't he go to Stronglifts to get support there?

  2. Why doesn't he go to Stronglifts Facebook page?

First of all, Stronglifts is full to the max. They are no longer accepting new members. Secondly, due to all the Big Brother-ish actions of Facebook, I will no longer consider them because, frankly, I like my privacy thank you very much.

Whether you do Stronglift program or not, I would be honor to help cheer you on and vice versa. Please post here if you are interested.


Welcome, Kairiki. Hmmm, Buffalo is another recent member who left Stronglifts. Anyway, you're welcome here.


Isn't kairiki a version of ariki which i think means 'noble' in one polynesian language ?

So welcome...noble one !!


@ Cavalier: Thanks for the welcome!

Actually, Big Nurse, the name is Japanese and means supernatural or superhuman strength. :slight_smile:


Ok..so welcome...oh superhuman one !!


First welcome.

From what I can tell after reading a few things on that site. I can honestly say that im not very impressed by it. Trust me there's good people here whom are more then willing to help you out.


Hi what ever program you are following you will find support here. What are your goals and current program look like


Welcome, to the old folks home.

Well some of us are old, Steely mostly.



29 years old with years of experience at that age here!


welcome aboard Ghost Strength ! Lol.

I try to follow the Bushido code in my life.

" May you always see the sunrise and smell the Cherry Blossoms in the evening "



Thanks everyone for the T-Nation love! I am glad to see other gristled Warriors and Warrior Princesses here.

@ Bulldog: Thanks for the welcome. I still see value at Stronglifts.com. The Facebook page is sorely lacking and we won't even go there regarding Facebook and privacy. On second thought, yes, I will because I'm snarky like that...http://cnet.co/tZuz0B

@ Damutt: My goal is to continue the path of strength. To get stronger each workout and blowing through sticking points. How about you?

@ Derek: LOL...I prefer the Classic Home or the New Folks Home. Age is just a number. Here's proof: http://bit.ly/vXRhXd

@ 2Busy: :slightly_smiling:

@Fisher: Really? How long have you done this?


Welcome to the land of the old meathead...


I have been trying to follow the The Way of the Warrior since 1990 (age 21) it is a harder endeavor than you can imagine .

If you need any help I am a PT (personal trainer) I specialize in getting people strong(er) and extremely fit.



My goals are similar to yours except for they change, if that makes any sense. I want to be big and strong and lean and fast. I am in law enforcement and I love to help people but want to make sure I am ready for whatever comes my way. If that's staying and fighting then big and strong if tha'ts getting the hell out of dodge then lean and fast.....

so I guess at the end of it all I want strong and fast the other two will work themselves out in the end.


@ Fisher: I was studying ISSA but fell off the wagon. How long have you been in the training business?

@ Damutt: I totally understand. I use to work in the military brig! What is your current routine now?


Warrior princess.


I was just doing 3/5/1 for powerlifting and before that was a 5x5 program. For atleast the next 4 weeks conditioning is going to be my focus since I will be competing in a charity boxing match nov 22. I'm hoping to keep my conditioning high after the match also so there will be a few program changes. My strength gains will probably slow down a little but in the end it will pay dividends. I'm going to cut 8 or so lbs for the fight but after that I'll be eating like a king again


Welcome to old meathead land

Strong lifts gets no love because he is a huge. Ooh pasted with. O true
You will find lots of inspiration or guidance here.


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