The Different Spike Energy Drinks

Hey all, question…
I really like the Spike Shooters, gives me great energy/tastes good. However, after looking at both the 16 oz. regular Spike & Spike Shooter, the 16 oz has more of seemingly everything? Yet, it can be taken 2x per day & the Shooter says to “never exceed one can”. I wouldn’t drink more than one of either in a day so i’m just curious how the shooter is more potent yet has less caffeine, m12 and the Spike formula? Also, how is the orange gold flavor?
Thanks in advance.

I can’t speak to the ingredients.

The orange gold is AWESOME. It tastes like Orange Sunkist Soda. Very tasty.

The Spike Shooter has yohimbine and the Spike Shotgun doesn’t.

I see, thanks for the info. I’ve been told not to drink Spike before each workout. Is this because ill build a tolerance and it won’t be as beneficial or is it not safe to do so?