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The different effects of snatch grip and reg dlift

I need to get something strait, what is the difference between these ?

They are both great back builders, Im going to be doing a simple routine like dlift/chin/db row

Im confused on whether to use a snatch grip dlift or a regular deadlift. What do these to lifts do? I know they are both great back builders, but does the snatch grip give you a wider back? Is anyone superior?

Use them both, preferably not in the same workout since dead lifts are very demanding. Use a snatch grip for 4 weeks or so, then switch to regular for another 4 or so, then stand on plates, you know the drill. As one of my good friends always say, ?keep it fresh?. On a side note, Snatch grip dead lifts on a 12 inch box are a personal favorite, and I do feel them in my lats more than another DL.

That sounds like a good plan. I may just do that!

I still want to know the different effects of the 2, anyone know???

“Is anyone superior?”

Yes, I’m superior. There are a few other superior people around here as well.

Let me know if I can clear anything else up for you… :slight_smile:

Snatch grips deads require more trunk flexion at the outset, which means you get a more pronounced trunk extension during the concentric. For that reason they probably hit the hammies slightly more than clean-grip deads. But that doesn’t mean they’re “better” – there’s a time and a place for everything, and sometimes the greater loading involved in conventional deads is preferable. Snatch grip deads are also much tougher on your grip. You’ll likely have to go much lighter on them than regular deads.

snatch grip:

since a stretched muscle is a stronger muscle and will be recruited, we need to look at the stretches and the joint movements

the lats, the traps and the forearm are stretched and emphasized much more in the snatch DL (according also to Pavel tsatsuline’s “Power To the people” book)

vaines, i’ve tried both and when doing the snatch grip deadlift in CT’s power look … i felt it more in my traps than traditional deadlifts. Yea the grip is definitely tougher as previously mentioned.

Ok, so the Snatch grip does more hams, and it stretches the lats and traps more? Lats too? I don’t feel my lats working in regular dlifts.

Does snatch grip hit the lats more than regular dlifts?

Well the lats are not a prime mover; they act as a stabilizer if anything (then again one could argue the traps and lower back are not prime movers as well but obviously take a beating from DL). In your original post you asked if the snatch grip would produce a wider back. I personal am sorer the next day in my ENTIRE back after doing snatch grip DL, generally my lats are not sore after conventional DLs. This is just my personal observation; it could be different for you. But if you are doing dead lifts, rows and chins your lats will be receiving plenty of stimulation.

Here’s an excerpt from an article that might help:

Piper, Timothy J., Michael A. Waller, 2001: Variations of the Deadlift. Strength and Conditioning Journal: Vol. 23, No. 3, pp. 66?73.

The snatch grip DL (SGDL) places emphasis on the thoracolumbar fascia, erector spinae, and the shoulder girdle muscles that stabilize the scapulae. The positioning of the torso causes a great deal of hip flexion, which increases the load on the lumbar region and hip extensors. This is similar to the RDL, but the wide grip makes this exercise advantageous to clientele requiring increased upper back strength and scapular and spinal stabilization. Setup: The conventional stance is used, but the lifter uses a wide snatch grip. The distance between the hands in the snatch grip is determined from measuring the distance from the lateral side of one shoulder to the fist of the opposite arm abducted to shoulder level. Execution: The client pulls the bar off the floor using the hips to lift the bar instead of the back. Throughout the lift the back is held tight and fixed. The bar is kept close to the legs to reduce the amount of torque on the lumbar region. Scapular retraction continues throughout the exercise but is not exaggerated when movement is completed.
A variation of the snatch grip DL is the Smitty DL, which is performed on a 4?6-in. platform, and movement ceases when the bar is inferior to the patella. The technique is otherwise the same, emphasizing hip flexibility and back strength in the limited range of motion. Weightlifters will benefit as well as wrestlers, swimmers, and others requiring the increased strength in the shoulder girdle stabilizers.

i felt it throughout my traps than lats.

Thanks, you guys/gals are great.

Good info. I’ll be doing snatch grip deads for now.