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The Difference.........


They are outfucking us. That has to be the explanation. There are just so damn many of them. Today I had to leave the safe confines of my home office for supplies and drive into town.

I felt fine until I arrived at our local strip mall (only one - it's a very small town) and stepped out of the car. There it was before me. A Dollar General right next to a Maxway. These are the places you shop when Wal-Mart is too tony for you.

I walked into the Maxway and there they were. Almost all of them are fat. The women nondescript lumps in T-shirts and sweats. Hair pulled back because it is easier than combing it. The men skinny-fat, their faces care-worn from years of living on the edge of not enough. Buying .99 cent six-packs of Milwaukee Best. All of them smoke.

There were young ones, too. 17 year old girls with babies on their hips, cheap tattoos on bare midriffs (so we can see their fat??!) The boys in jerseys and pants hanging off their asses like they have a full diaper.

It's not a race thing. This is an equal opportunity phenomenon. Their faces show nothing so much as a stubborn willful stupidity nothing can dislodge. None of them could put together 3 sentences of original thought on any subject of importance. Most have no real knowledge of any depth on any subject.

It doesn?t have to be this way. I?m sure that many of them have friends and relatives they no longer spend much time with. These people have broken out, have decent homes, cars that don?t break down, and their babies don?t have fucking Pepsi in their bottles for Christ?s sake.
They find better things to do of an evening than drink beer in front of the TV.

So what?s the difference? It is not a lack of education. Birth control is free, school is free, even freaking food can be free. The library is within walking distance of at least 3500 of the 4300 residents here, and there is a bus. The library is free, and it has free internet terminals and PCs with full office suites (donated by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ? thanks evil Bill). There are CD-ROM and written courses available on everything under the sun, and what isn?t in the library is on line. There are even free courses on how to use the PCs and the Internet.

What makes the sister sit down at the terminal and learn while her brother plays X-Box?
What is the difference?

I think I know. I have long held that the information you need to accomplish just about anything is free and readily available. Want to lose weight? You fucking well know how. Don?t even give me that shit. Eat less exercise more. Broke? Stop using credit, live within your means, pay off your debts and save some money for life?s emergencies, you goddamn retard. Lonely? Get your ass out there and mix it up, fucknut. If I can get laid, anyone can.

I would wager that 99% of people know damn well what they SHOULD be doing to fix whatever bothers them about their lives. They?re just not doing it. Barring some tragic accident, illness or birth defect, we all pretty much end up exactly where we belong. A man?s current position is really nothing more than the sum total of all the decisions he has made.

The difference is character. The people without any are outbreeding us. Call it get up and go, gumption, ambition or whatever else you like, the shitheels without it multiply faster than we do, and they suck up enormous amounts of time, energy and money from the rest of us.

The next time you are stopped at a traffic light leaving your local supermall and that filthy 30 year old, standing on two perfectly good legs, holds up his cardboard sign ?Please help, need food? and looks plaintively towards your car, maybe there?s something better than handing him a few bills for a quarter pounder. Maybe what he really needs is a good, hard shot in the mouth.


I've wondered sometimes if people just absorb their surroundings and decide that whatever they were doing is right.

I mean, in a survival of the race sense this is a good instinct. If you have been staying alive and healthy for years, why should you change anything.

For example, eons ago, trying a new food could kill you. Why try something new if what you are eating doesn't seem to be making you sick?

It really makes sense to see habits become ingrained... and it permeates our language. I've been eating like this for years, and I'm doing fine. Why should I change anything, this is what my family has always eaten, of course its the right thing to eat, or do, or not do.

However, in the current modern world, this "don't change anything" instinct can leave you at the bottom of the social pile. It does not however stop you from being a successful gene spreading machine!

Anyhow, at least my explanation is based on something other than pure stupidity and lack of gumption. I'd find it hard to believe that there are simply that many slackers. There has to be something ingrained in us, because that level of slacking would have been lethal to early humans -- winter would kill you if you didn't prepare well for it.


Bad genes and thyroid problems! Seems like everyone has them now. Either way, it gets to the point where you just have to say screw it, and not care anymore. If you got disgusted every time people stopped caring about themselves, got lazy, or whatever, you would be disgusted. So it's just better off to let the sheep live their lives...its better off for all of us.




Many people will be slackers if they're allowed to. What these folks need is some serious life challenges, not charity or government handouts. Maybe declaring open season on non-productive humans would work? Even if it didn't, the slacker problem would be dealt with :wink:


I believe Vroom and Hankr are both correct. I believe whatever it is ...is ingrained/innate to a degree and then at the same people lack the ambition to break this mold.


The problem, and I have had good experience in this, is to really stick your foot in someone's ass. Being proactive vesus hoping that they know better is always the best way to go, especially if it concerns friends or family. Other people, I don't know. Unless they bother you, then give them a lesson for their own good.


Why should they work, when they can get all they need from the gov't? For all of us with self-respect: Work harder, millions on welfare depend on us.


In all fairness, most of those people have some sort of mental illness. I know that a lot of "humanists" say that and I used to regard it as bullshit, until I saw my childhood neighbor on the side of the road with a sign. He at one time lived in a decent middle class neighborhood, and because i still talk to his kids sometimes (they are about my age), I found out that he just went crazier than a shit-house rat, and wont come live with them or get any sort of help. Other than that last paragraph, though, I agree with you all the way.


I saw one of those guys that was holding a sign wearing a Testosterone shirt, blew my f'n mind to say the least. I definitely gave him a dollar, but only on account of the shirt he was wearing.


Why assume that all of these people are on welfare? The truth is, you find this type of complacency everywhere now from the rich to the poor. It is all over society and just pops up in different manifestations depending on background or social standing. This is why there are so many overweight kids suddenly. It isn't like they are getting food shoved down their throats by an outside force. They were simply raised with less restriction and less motivation.

Yes, I do believe the unmotivated are outfucking us. That is the only explanation. The question is, how do we correct the problem post-fucking?


This subject in general has always interested the hell out of me, but since I'm a bit short on time right now I'll just say this: Enjoy the fact that you're one of The Few (who are not one of them). Enjoy the successful career, the comfortable living, the hot chicks, the great relationships, the physical and mental health . . . . It just makes it all that much more enjoybable in comparison.


Let them live their lives as they are. That means less competition.


Beautiful post, this is why I love T-Nation