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The Dexter Jackson Thread


Just thought that dexter jackson himself deserved his own thread. Plus I found some very interesting videos from his career.

In 1992, competing as a lightweight:

3 years later, in 1995, competing as a light heavyweight:

and in 2010 arnold classic:


If I was a black guy I would totally rock the flat top.


His nose seems a lot bigger in 2010 along with his muscles.


Do it anyways


Troll haz observational skillz.


Beast mode at 230lbs. Prety cool to see videos with almost a 100lb difference in muscle mass.


that is what I was thinking.

Pretty cool progression of vids. He looks better and better as he got bigger.

I'm a huge Dex fan. Just something about the dude.


If you were Black you would know better.



One of my favorite competitors. He's also fairly well spoken, although it wouldnt be hard to be considered well spoken next to Jay and Kai lol


inaccurate post is inaccurate.


Dex truly is amazing. its a shock that he doesnt have more Olympia's under his belt


Obviously he put on way more size so everything is huger, but I think the place where it is most obvious (and where you see a lot of amateurs fail) is his back thickness. In the first one it's not there (hard to be thick when you weigh that little), the second one it's decent, and in the third one it's like fucking anacondas running down his back. Awesome.


It's dope seeing 18 years of work and proves that patience is key to this shit.

Just keep plugging away...