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The Descent to Maintenance Calories Post-Bulk

My maintenance calories in December were around 2250. I’m currently eating 3800 calories per day (50-60g of it fat) and am gaining around a pound a week. My cycle (500mg test cyp) ends in a month and I’m unsure of how I go back down to maintenance calories. If I taper too slowly and am still eating at a surplus during PCT, I’m afraid I’ll put on a lot of fat. If I instantly drop down to whatever my new unenhanced maintenance will be (2400-2500 probably), I’m afraid the shock will result in some cannibalized gains.

My goal here is to preserve as much of my gains as possible without putting on too much fat (duh) when I’m in a vulnerable state during PCT. I’m not in a hurry to cut afterward and will hang out at maintenance for a few months till I’m sure things are back to normal.

My impression is that I should begin tapering calories as the test clears, so 5 days after last pin drop down to 3600, then be down to 2600 (slight surplus) around day 18 or 20 when PCT begins. Is this how people do it? I’ve read others recommend sticking to the same monster surplus all throughout PCT to make sure gains stick, but I’m pretty sure I would add 10-12lbs of fat if I did that.

But then there’s this: Calorie Intake During PCT

What do you think?

Keep the calories high during PCT. Never drop your calories and hormones at the same time.

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Man is that going to be rough psychologically… The more I read, the more it looks like I shouldn’t drop down till PCT is completely over.

Yeah don’t drop calories during PCT. it’s only like a month. You’ll be fine

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