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The Derek Poundstone Thread


Derek Poundstone has been my favorite pro strongman since i first saw him defeat Mariusz Pudzianowski at the 2008 Mohegan Sun Grand Prix. Just thought i would make a thread here to show a little love for one of my favorite athletes.

Here is a link to his facebook it's worth mentioning that he is the only pro athlete i have seen who responds to comments regularly on his Facebook account, can't get any more legit then that.


I'll also include his latest video which is a compilation of his training leading up to the 2012 Arnold Classic. The video includes an insane 1,005 lb deadlift from the floor in nothing but a belt. Simply crazy!

Edit: The video doesn't seem to be working but it's posted on his facebook page.


Also here is another Picture of Derek posted a couple of days ago weighing in at a very impressive 330 lbs for the upcoming Arnold Classic. I hope he takes his 3rd Arnold Classic title home.


Derek Poundstone


That deadlift was just WOW.


I Fuckin Hate Cops
With that said, he is very interesting to watch and is definitely one of my favorite athletes.
Wish this was the Cop that popped me for test. prop instead of the spineless hicks that got me.
I guess everyone at his department just ignores the fact that he uses anabolics.
I really fuckin Hate cops.



He's balding lol. Can't wait for the next training montage.


Put him next to any pro bodybuilder and he'll make them look tiny lol.

I hope I get to meet him at the Arnold... that would be so awesome...


This guy is awesome. That 1005 deadlift was insane.


I love Derek Poundstone as well. I saw that picture when he posted it on Facebook and it is honestly, for me, the most inspiring physique I have ever seen.

While still pretty incredible, the 1005 lbs deadlift appears to have blue reverse bands attached to it. I'm sure he was doing them to train for the Hummer tire deadlift. I wish he would have specified that it was reverse band but most people watching probably wouldn't know what that meant anyway.


Damn cannot believe i didn't notice the bands especially since i replayed that part like 10 times.



hes a monster. sacickas got 1100 easy last year.




If Derek can remain consistent in his progress, he'll pull 1110 next year.


wouldnt doubt it


No homo. Best physique for a strong man too.


Got the chance to hear him give a motivational speech when I was in high school. Really nice guy.


I would love to see his food expense for a month