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The Democrats Agenda


Could someone please tell me what the Democrats stand for, other than a woman's right to sleep with a guy she doesn't want to have kids with? The Roe vs Wade crap is getting old and I'd just like to know what the hell they stand for. Please enlighten me, someone??


I may just be ignorant, but I didn't know that the right to engage in consensual sex with a person of one's own choosing was an issue of political contention these days.

But I digress...

The Democrat's agenda is the same one the republicans have - Say whatever you need to say to get enough people to vote for you/your party to gain or keep power so that the bribes - I mean campaign contributions, hotel stays, trips, dinners,etc - keep flowing.


They really are missing the mark.

It seems the whole Alito confirmation hearing was about abortion.

The Democrats need to step up to the plate with some ideas and direction.

I don't like the Republicans dominating all three branches of the government but the leaading Democrats are not giving us much choice.


The Democratic party is supposed to favor big government over all else. The Republican party is supposed to favor big business over all else. This is why we will often see tax incentives given more freely when there is a Republican in office, and why we will see more governmental programs started when there is a Democrat in office.


Right on the money. The Alito hearings flatly embarrassed the Democrats. If I were a Democrat, I would be ashamed of Schumer and Kennedy, and the others weren't exactly lions.

As is, I am not thrilled with the GOP, but the Democratic Party is a shambles.


Standing and applauding this post!


Where the hell have you been during this last presidency?


Democrats tend to give more social aid, and are supposed to support a more even distribution of wealth. The differences in social issues, however, are far more pronounced then the economic ones, but being as social issues will never change anyway (there will always be abortions, gays will live together, etc.) the only important thing should be economics.

However, being as they both favor capitalism and free trade, there is little difference in them at all, hence my opinion that they are two sides of the same coin. When the Democrates get back to their roots, meaning actually giving a shit about the working class, they will have an agenda again. However the Republican propaganda machine has done a fine job of tricking the working class into thinking that the GOP actually represents them (which they don't), so it doesn't really matter at this point. One day...maybe the Democrats will stop being pussies and get their act together. Basing elections on stupid social issues that affect very few people are what is killing them.

By the way, a recent John Stossel report just had something about how Republicans have, for the last 75 years, never cut the government down at all.

"Republicans always trot out the slogan that they oppose big government and want to shrink the federal payroll. President Bush tells us that "big government is not the answer." President Reagan told us, "Our government is too big and it spends too much."

But for more than 75 years, no Republican administration has cut the size of government. Since George W. Bush became president, government spending has risen nearly 25 percent.

And the spending increase isn't just tied to the war on terrorism. The Office of Management and Budget says spending at the Environmental Protection Agency is up 12 percent, it's up 14 percent at the Agriculture Department, 30 percent at the Department of the Interior, 64 percent at the Department of Labor, and 70 percent at the Department of Education.

And the pork keeps pouring out. Even the Peanut Festival in Dothan, Ala., got $200,000. Republican congressman Terry Everett got them the money. He wouldn't talk to us about it. But the locals said they like getting your money. "I think it's a waste of money, but if they're going to waste money, I guess it's better to waste it here than anywhere else," one man told me.

Economist Stephen Moore, a Republican, says, "We fought a war against big government and you know what? Big government won."

He noted, "You look at what's happened to the government in the 10 years since the Republicans took control of Congress, the government is twice as big."


Just thought that was interesting.


Yes, unfortunately that seems to be the agenda of all men in power...even our "democracy"


Damn straight! Those bitches ought to know their place and just lay don quietly for the men they BELONG to.

It's not like they're real people or anything.

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We're all about raising your taxes to give to welfare recipients in low-lying areas of New Orleans. Dude, I thought you knew that already.



BigPaul has figured out what so few seem to grasp...

politicians say whatever they need to say to stay in office and keep the funds flowing...

although there are a few general differences both parties are really about big government (because big government is good $$$ for politicians) controlling everyone else's lives...


Take the advice in your first paragraph.


No, I don't think I'll keep quiet when you insist on bringing down the collective IQ of this site every time you post.

Lemme guess your next thread: sluts wanna steal our money to give it to New Orleans and become socialists. Or fascists. Or Communists. Because you think those are the same thing.


The Dems stand for shitting on anything conservative or republican before looking into the facts.


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And I would assume, of course, that the republicans would NEVER stand for the same thing as applied to liberals or democrats?


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