The Deficit Myth: The Biggest Lie in Politics

Still has to lie and pretend.

Keep telling yourself that and come back to me if you magically develop the ability to create/think/produce anything tangible.
Very few things in the world would exist without engineering. No technology disruptors, no computers, no cars, no platforms to trade currency on. And that all comes from education in math and science. No systems that produce the food needed to sustain such a large human population. No healthcare innovations like MRI. No airplanes. Nothing you use on a daily basis would exist if folks like me didn’t get a useful education.


Nothing screams independent thinking like posting an internet meme or YouTube video.


You mean someone that is actually successful and not a fake communist hack making money off door knobs like you on Patreon or Youtube, right?

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Hence, it’s surface level macro economics (like I said) and not at all a compelling video. I understand it’s difficult for you to follow along, but please at least try and keep up.

Well, I just finished a meeting on how inflation has cost us 10s of millions of dollars YoY, but ya, no effect what-so-ever…

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No I mean someone who believes in the economic lie of austerity. OMG the debt! What are we gonna do? We gotta pay it back. Keep licking that turd.

So maybe YOU can’t learn anything from a YouTube video but that is because you wallow in your own ignorant hubris.

And what of non-mathematical educations?

Doesn’t matter. If you picked a field where your schooling became nothing but BS activism masquerading as education and debate that’s on you (royal you, no you specifically). There are some fields that contribute exactly zero to society outside the bubble of academia.
And the people who enter fields outside of STEM, in general, don’t have the same aptitude as STEM students (look at ACT/SAT score spreads and specific college admission guidelines for engineering/science majors vs liberal arts majors).
So yeah, when education doesn’t produced critical thinking skills it has failed. I believe liberal arts used to have this, but the current education climate in that field does not.

What is you degree in?

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No, we are not doing this again.



Yeah, maybe it’s the basics-which you still can’t grasp! Check.

And what were the causes of that inflation?

You made an ass of yourself enough on the MMT joke, and now continue with the same hilarious crap. Zero understanding of asset price distortion, impact on optimal capital allocation from this, crowding out driving increased WACC for firms, and driving down FDI in said sovereign.

You’re an embarrassment. There’s another bartender who’s also an idiot like this…, what’s her name again? Some three letter acronym…can’t quite place it.


AOC IS NOT a progressive, she only cosplays as one. Voting to break a strike and voting for war. Only someone who is so out of touch with reality and definitions would believe she is a progressive. What would be significantly different if Crowley would have won the election?

And you have zero understanding of how federal macroeconomics works.

Is this all it took to get rid of you? Bye.

And of course you still didn’t answer Chompsky’s quote. Just saying some degrees are activism. More like some degrees are sheer propaganda designed to further the goals of those in charge. Can’t think outside the box, for fear you may find out the truth and upset their apple cart.

Is this a dog’s name or something?

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Education has always been what you make of it.

Education in and of itself does not make you intelligent.

Critical thinking is not taught in 99% of places from grade school through college in most areas.

STEM and a few others still foster critical thinking and application of knowledge.

There are still independent thinkers who think for themselves that understand education is a means to an end. Just because you earn degrees and professional licenses does not mean you are inherently submissive or dependent.

What a crock of illogical fallacy shit.

Chomsky is a useful idiot. Go check his interviews with Yuri Bezmenov and his blindspots to communist authoritarianism. He is also a historical revisionist with antisemitic views. His whataboutism is just as nauseating. He did this with the Charlie Hebdo shootings too, where he went on this whole rambling act about French imperialism, and the Invasion of Crimea, where he rambled about the Cuban Missile Crisis of all things.

He also insisted in the 70’s continuously that Khmer Rouge was not genocidal. And when it became undeniable, he shifted to how the genocides were being blown out of proportion and were really the fault of America.

What a great guy to quote. You lived up to my expectation on dumbassery.


I’m in equity research covering financial service companies. You’re a bartender. Who doesn’t understand what again? For the 937,687th time, printing money does not eradicate scarcity.

And you still haven’t answered what your education is…