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The Decision to Go On TRT (For Adrenal Fatigue)

Unfortunately, I took a T cream the doctor offered me without delving into the ins and outs of TRT. I may have the option of not being in this for life, but I know a lot of you guys are and I’m interested in hearing your perspective.

TRT has been pretty good for me. Although, having adrenal fatigue hasn’t made things perfect I believe I’ve experienced having levels of testosterone that I wouldn’t have ever gotten to ever in my life:

  • people have told me I look a lot more like a man now (bone density, I’ve ‘filled out’, aside: my skin is clearer)
  • people seem to take me a lot more seriously/respect me more
  • it’s helped me a lot at work
  • it’s helped with stress resilience
  • I like how it feels in my body, like a certain intensity and a certain focus
  • I like how at times I have a lot more focused, structured, thinking instead of my default state of following my intuitions

It’s helped me in a lot more ways. I feel like to some extent I had a social persona constructed around not having high T. I had all the characteristics of someone with low T and it’s interesting reading about the social effects of this hormone.

The current working hypothesis KSMan and I came to is ‘adrenal fatigue’, but there’s this whole other side to it of feeling virilized to a point where I never was before. I don’t know if the implications are that there is some other reason I may have never had high T or that I’ve had stressful circumstances for so long my T levels could never get up there - I’ve had genetic testing done which has told me that certain mutations in serotonin transporter and certain enzymes make me highly sensitive and especially to stress.

These are all factors in this decision. And I know some of you have faced it. I feel like on the surface of things someone who is 24 should not be on TRT. But it’s given me a glimpse of someone who I could be.

Additionally, I feel like I’d be signing up for being a guinea pig for bio identical hormones starting at a young age. AFAIK, the current understanding/knowledge of things isn’t super robust.

Things are well understood. But not by most doctors.

Glad to hear of the progress.

Testosterone is testosterone, whether from injected T esters or transdermal T.
Don’t get fooled by bio-identical hype.

TRT typically makes one less emotional and more analytical.

I also found that my skin improved. But that can vary wildly. Some get acne.

Hey I really appreciate the reply!

I went back to doing HCG as I don’t know if it was the wellbutrin combo or what, but my testes didn’t recover.

And now being on HCG for 6 days doing ED injections things really haven’t changed. To be pretty blunt on what is happening: some injections of HCG fairly soon after my libido skyrockets and that leads to masturbation. Does this just require more self-control? The thing is though things are in a pretty bad state: there’s like an inch flap of skin hanging from my scrotum and nearly raison sized testicles which are still HANGING and not pulled up, but overall this is a very stressful thing for me and I don’t know if it just required complete abstinence for a month or something or when being on TRT, like, no maturation.

Sorry for being so blunt but this has just gone on for so long.

Masterbation will not affect the testes.

Thanks for this! I wonder if it really is the brand of syringe that I’m using due to a tighter seal inside the syringe or something like that. I’m trying thigh injections for a while. Preggo tests have been hit-'n-miss.

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you go about learning what you know about TRT? Books? Pubmed?

Thank you for all your help. I seriously have no idea where I’d be without your personalized help. It’s pretty cool what you’re doing. Being on TRT is great, sans the reproductive organ issues, haha.

I have read med/diet issues for years out of general interest. Then suspected that my T levels were not there and read some more. Finally hooked up with a GP turned age management specialist. During the first visit he tells me that I know a lot more than many docs doing what he did. I have read many books. Many are quite trashy. Books by docs are mostly useless because they will not say what needs to be said, because docs do not have freedom of speech. Do what I am doing here for a few years and research wrinkles as they come up, along with drugs and interactions and you get to were I am now. As to why I spend so much effort doing this … hard to say and sometimes it is choir.

I should have written a book. Desire to get that dome got derailed in 2010 when I was almost killed by a doctor, and not because I was sleeping with his wife. ;}