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The Decathlon Club - - In the Bay Area

Hey T-maggers. My company offers a discounted membership to the Decathlon Club. For anyone who has been there and worked out at their gym…how is it? Do they have most kinds of equipment?


Well, I work at the Decathlon Club (actually the sports medicine office in the club) and it is a pretty good club. It has most types of equipment, but only has one power rack. It would benefit from an open squat rack as that would provide clear room for push presses, lunges and oly lifts.

It’s got dbs up to 100s, plenty of benches and a decent free weight area, basketball court, and all the standard cardio equipment and machines.

Another good part of the club is the locker facilities - lockers are provided and there is a sauna, steam room and hot tub in both the men’s and women’s lockers.

PM me if you have other questions.