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The Death of the Species


I lose more and more hope for the future every day.

From slate.com:

Doctors are debating surgeries and implants to reduce weight. Options: 1) basic gastric bypass, in which they staple your stomach and reroute food around your intestines; 2) biliopancreatic diversion, in which they cut out three-quarters of your stomach and bypass even more of your intestines; 3) wrapping an inflatable ring around your stomach and pumping it full of saline to restrict how much food can go in or out; 4) inserting a balloon through your mouth into your stomach and inflating it with fluid to keep you feeling full so you won't eat; 5) stimulating your vagus nerve to control your food urges; and 6) drugging your brain so it gets less pleasure from eating.



I watched a special on TLC or one of those channels called the 700 pound man. Anyway whatever channel it was, the guy couldn't lay on his back cause he would suffocate from his weight. He couldn't roll over on his own either. He couldn't even get out of his own bed and walk around. This brings me to wonder "How did this guy eat, and who was the sick sommabitch that was feeding him?" and "How do you let yourself get that fat?" and lastly "Ewww gross".

So anyway this guy had gastric bypass i think. I just don't understand how people can do this to themselves. They say that they can't get past the urges to eat, well I say nut up and do it anyway you fucking marshmallow. I've gone 3 days without eating due to the flu and still went to college football practice and played in the game. You can go till suppertime without a freaking turkeyleg. I think that all these pansies need is a little motivation and a swift kick in the ass.

Ok I'm done with my rant.


The death of the species? Thanks to modern medicine, the ones who would normally have been killed off by now live longer than ever. 200 years ago, someone even getting close to 700lbs would have died of an infection long before they were able to stuff down more sugared curds and whey. Today, we have wonderful antibiotics (in several flavors) and mall shopping carts so they can beat infections and ride around to every restaurant without burning anymore calories than it takes to turn the wheel.

Just think, 200 years from now, there will be nothing but shapeless blobs covering the planet as any relatively lean people run for their lives to avoid being eaten.

Technology is GOOD.


Even further than that, it seems the people who are least balanced and least fit to carry on the speices are the ones popping out the most kids. And, thanks to our modern lifestyle, those kids will live long enough to make kids of their own.
Yeah, that wasn't really PC, oh well.


So, I take it you're in favor of passive eugenics, too?


Na, the fat farts would have to chase us to get us and that would be too much for them.

No I see the future where we round all the fatties up and liposuction their fat for use as heating oil! A new environmentally friendly approach to heat our homes!


More like slapping dumb people. I simply don't understand referring all of these patients for stomach stapling. It doesn't change their habits or get to the root of what caused them to rely on food so much in the first place. It is like simply stapling their mouths closed. There has to be a huge mental problem for someone to eat their way to being trapped in bed. If someone keeps cutting themselves with a razor, does child-proofing all sharp edges solve the problem? I would like to see more follow up of many of these patients 10+ years down the road, especially those that took it as far as weighing nearly a ton simply because they liked cream filling. If stomach stapling truly helped, then it truly means all they needed was self control.

Should it even be the job of medicine to give someone self control?


My wife works with three nurses who've had gastric bypass surgeries. They all look like 500 lbs of skin hung over the frame of a 90lb kid. It's the grossest shit in the world. At the Xmas party, they all were dancing with their fucking skin/fat flapping around making slappy noises. Of course they all say they had a problem with their metabolisms and that they tried every diet in the world. Yet, like magic, when FORCED to eat less the cows lost a couple hundred pounds apiece.


That is excactly the problem of modern medicine. Why cure when you can supress the pain?
I don't want to blame the usual suspects("It's the big pharma-companies! They just wanna keep on selling their products!") or spreading conspiracy theories. I think that most people are just not very interested in a healthy lifestyle. After all, why should they?
With today's medical progress, even AIDS isn't associated with immediate death anymore.
Ironically , as medical science continues to increase the average life span, public health in the western world just gets shittier.


I fear this.


I can't understand why a physician wouldn't refer someone who's obviously addicted to eating to a psyciatrist for treatment evaluation. In some of these cases, yes, it's like painting over the rust. The root of the problem is still their and hasn't gone away.

However I remember this thread from a while ago:


This individual not only elected for the surgery, but he educated himself and busted his ass. Whatever led him to his previous condition, this was a powerfull change in his life and should be applauded.

I have a sneaky suspicion that our culture of convenience is one of the dominating factors in these conditions. Think about it, everything we need is at our fingertips. We ride our lawn mowers, change the channel with our remote control, ride the escalators and the elevators, etc., etc. While at the same time, the coloric density of everything we eat has gone through the roof.

Not only has coloric density escalated, but once again, so has convenience. You can't drive a quarter mile without passing a fast food joint, get gas without some kind of junk pushed at you, or listen to the damn radio without someone trying to stuff your face with more than you need to eat. This scenario makes it particularly easy for busy moms to just swing through and get the kiddies a happy meal. Truly scary.

Anyways, I digress. Bottom line, more folks with serious weight control problems should be evaluated in regards to the mental aspect of their eating issues. The Prof is right, we need to get to the root of the problem first. Otherwise we're simply painting over the rust.



Many T-Nation readers seem to have difficulties in relating to human weakness. Weakness isn't contagious and it isn't necessarily hereditary, either. Weak people aren't disgusting because they are weak. Some of them are nice, actually. I'm weak occasionally, but that is not caused by other weak people. The fault is mine.

The medical industry is producing cures for welfare diseases because that's where the money is. It amazes me how trustful people are about surgical operations. I sometimes wonder if they really are living in the same world as I do.


LOL - Flapping noises - That is so un-PC!

Can you really blame them for wanting the surgury though? I mean, they believe this is the miracle cure that instantly makes Al Roker look like Denzel Washington.

I'm tired of lifting weights. I'm going to get pectoral implants...and bi implants...and tri implants...and calf implants...and ab implants...

Am I missing any?


Why doesn't Congress ever hold emergency meetings about this type of thing?