The death of K.G. Whopper

Choad, this is our little secret. I’ve had the good fortune of having a wonderful (and beautiful) intern this semester. And she has been a big help in the office. In addition, I have three English students who are also writing stuff for me this semester. Thanks to my management skills and coordination of volunteers, I’ve had more time than usual to peruse the t-mag forum. This has given me the chance to post much more often. But don’t get me wrong, I do get all my work done. And I have time to work out as well. I also am not involved with a “girlfriend” at this time, so I can chill out online in the evening once I finish working out, eating, showering and eating again before bed. I’m enjoying it as much as I can. Soon the semester will be over, and I won’t have all these beautiful, young, talented students to help me. :slight_smile: