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The Death Metal Graveyard


Okay, I've gotta ask. How many T-Members listen to Death Metal?

I'm a worshipper of Amon Amarth myself. Definately my favorite Death Metal band, hands down. Even though they lean into a more melodic brand of Death Metal, I love the songwriting ability of Johan Hegg. To be able to write lyrics as if telling a story is true talent, in my opinion.

I'm also a fan of Goatwhore, The Black Dahlia Murder and a few others.

And for a laugh, here's a video to try and interpret Nile's lyrics :slight_smile:


Death is about the only band I really listen to in that genre


Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites

Obituary-Chopped in Half and Turned Inside Out

Death - Suicide Machine

Psycroptic - The Colour of Sleep

Suffocation - Effigy of the Forgotten

Behemoth - Conquer All

I'll contribute more after my training session.


when i was a teenager, i was into groups like Death, obituary ,morbid angel and pestilence. I never did care for deicide much.

thinking back death was probably my favorite group of the bunch..

now a days i'm into mudvayne, clutch, hellyeah, tool and chevelle.


Tool and Chevelle aren't death metal at all. Progressive/Alternative metal maybe, but not death.


None of the "now a days" bands he mentioned are. That statement served to say that he just doesn't listen to the stuff anymore. I know how he feels...I thought Justin Timberlake's live HBO special was awesome.


I have never been one to classify things. If I am asked what "Death Metal" is I'd probably just shrug and say "I dunno"?

Here are some I like nonetheless:
Becoming the Archetype
Callenish Circle
Lamb of God
Fear Factory


Damn, I posted my favorite Death Metal acts in the Blck metal thread!

To make up for it, here are some links:

Hypocrisy, Roswell 47

Hypocrisy, Scrutinized

Paradise Lost, Gothic

Paradise Lost, True Belief (not real Death Metal anymore, still good)


I do hert the Paradise Lost, I saw Hypocrisy last winter, along with Suffocation, and Decapitated, good band, a bit too melodic for the show, but good stuff. Horgh(Immortal) is the drummer for that band as well, and I got to meet him, and get an autographed drum head from him.


I'm into tech death right now, so here's the stuff I've been listening to.

Anata- Entropy Within

Atheist - Piece of Time

Beneath The Massacre - Society's Disposable Son

Cynic - Textures

Decapitated - Mandatory Suicide (Slayer Cover)

Spawn of Possession - Swarm of the Formless

Behold the badass riffs


I listen to cannibal corpse ect, but as far as death metal goes I prefer the melodic type.
Arch enemy, dark trenquility, at the gates....

that kind of stuff


I am not too big a of Death metal... but I am liking the riffs of Paradise Lost. Nice stuff.


I personally hate regular death metal, in my opinion it sucks. Melodic death metal is just as hard and full of energy, but flows so much better in my opinion.

For some good bands check

Dark tranquillity
In flames (Earlier stuff)
most principium est
Arch enemy
Dimension Zero
Children of bodom
At the gates
Dimension zero

I missed a lot but those are all pretty decent.


If Arch Enemy are classified as Death Metal then they would be my top band. I saw them in Aus last year in Gigantour. I thought they were bloody good and the singer was fairly hot from a distance call. Good body anyway!


Hate Eternal


Dying Fetus


Recent years..well about 10 years or so i have not paid much of a attention to metal or death metal, basically because not that much was happening in that front anymore.

Lot of band`s that were releasing good music before started to release not so good material.
And the new bands that started to come out had nothing new to offer,they were just basically lame copies of bands before them.

But... i did catch accidentally Satyricons video K.I.N.G and bought their Diabolical Now album and its really good,yes nothing new its been done by Celtic Frost before but a lot of good songs.
I got very sentimental,probably even had a tears in my eyes..damn!


ve got 5$ left on my itunes account. What should I get?


What do you guys think of Nile? Magazines like Terrorizer and Metal Hammer just worship them, but I think they're just frickin terrible!! Sure, I'm into death metal just as much as anybody else, but man, Nile is just awful in my opinion! People used to make fun of Morbid Angel because of the unintelligible lyrics, but I make fun of Nile for it these days.


Skidrow,Pantera,Van Halen,Motley Crue,Babylon A.D.,and Guns n Roses.


You are joking right? If not, I'll add Winger, Stryper, Saigon Kick, Saxon, Poison, and Europe too.