The Deal with the Pre W/O Meal

Heya T-freques. I am wondering what the general T-population eats pre-workout. I myself have been doing P+F about 1 1/2 hours before my session but am curious as to whether you guys have seen better results w/ P+C (Better results meaning more intensity/focus/endurance, ect.) Thanks. Lata. Oh, and Trev don’t bother answering because I know you puke if you eat within 5 hours of a workout. Hehe. Just try to outeat me tonight ya big lug.

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Here’s a quote from Serrano:

“Each type of protein has a unique amino acid profile. Some proteins cause a greater insulin response than others. Some can be classified as anabolic while others are anti-catabolic. Anabolic proteins produce a lower insulin response. They should be used before training, especially if you are trying to lose stored fat. Anti-catabolic proteins should be used after training due to their heightened insulin response. If you are getting ready for a contest and are trying to shed bodyfat it’s important that you do not consume a purely ion exchange or whey isolate product. These are what I classify as anti-catabolic proteins. Taken alone, they will have a heightened insulin response and will make it harder for you to lose stored fat. Here is a list of the various types of proteins classified as either anabolic or anti-catabolic. Anabolic proteins do not cause a large increase in blood insulin levels while anti-catabolic proteins do significantly increase blood insulin:
Anabolic Proteins: Egg Protein, Red Meat, Whey Protein Concentrates, and Casein or Milk Proteins. Anti-Catabolic Proteins: Whey Protein Isolate and Cottage Cheese.”

These pre-workout recommendations are most likely the basis for Poliquin’s “Preparing for the Ultimate Workout.” I might add that I ate red meat for lunch yesterday (normally don’t) and trained around 4PM; it was one of the better training sessions that I’ve had in a while. Food for thought.

Well, my training times have been “galliwampus” lately, due to Ko’s new schedule. We’ve been training right after I get out of work (5PM). SO, my preworkout meal is what I have for lunch. For lunch it’s quinoa with mixed vegies and red meat or two chicken breasts. However Ko had fixed for me a Thai based meal of chicken, vegies over brown rice. Yeah, he makes my lunches. Anways -as in what Eric said: whenever I eat red meat, my workouts are spectacular!

That's for weight training. If it's MMA training or boxing, I try to down some protein powder mixed in water - that's all that I need. If I ingest anytype of carbs before that training, my stomach gets knotty.

I read that same quote from Serrano and I think there must be some confusion or misinterpretation by whoever wrote it. It seems slower release proteins would more apt be classified as “anti-catabolic” and higher insulin releasing proteins would best be classified as “anabolic.” And what about cottage cheese?..with it being so high in casein I dont see how it can be very insulin inducing.

For the past couple of months I have been consuming a P+F meal consisting of steak, mixed veggies, and fish oils prior to training. Training has been intense in this time period.

Pat, I’m glad you mentioned the quinoa…I just choked some down like I normally do, and was wondering, like I normally do, why the hell I force myself to eat it. How do you and ko go about flavoring that stuff? I’ve been adding salsa, hot sauce, lemon juice…basically whatever I can to give it some kick, but it still tastes terrible.

I’ll mention your question to Ko before we workout. I’ll make sure he posts his “Secret to Tasty Quinoa” for you! And BTW: it is tasty and it wasn’t brown rice in my lunch today but quinoa. He makes it taste THAT good! I’m a happy gal :slight_smile:

i think a high fiber protein + carb meal would work preworkout. ive done it before just fine

Since I read Natural Hormonal Enhancement by Rob Faigin, Apr 01, I’ve been eating p&f, with as few carbs as possible pre/w.o.; some things have a few carbs in them, such as a Carb Solution drink or bar~it’s also the 1st meal of the day, as I mainly work nites. My strength, intensity, and lack of bloating, also, has shown me that’s the way to go! I may be the only one to think this~but I also think this is the way to go if you’re going to so an activity using undurance, such as bike riding, hiking, etchowever, you should consume a carb/protein drink or food either during and/or right after the activity to replace glucagen, carbs, etc, etcas too much before actually (IMO) slows, bogs ya down. And MAYBE too much after is not conducive to attaining your goals, and replacing what you lost.

I have to go P+F, ~1 hour before. I tried the “pre-workout nutrition” that Berardi and others suggest, and I get too quesy. My worst experience was with buttermilk donuts before I squatted heavy, though.

How are you cooking it? Try rinsing your quinoa first. The ratio should be 2-1 liquid to quinoa. Try using chicken stock. If you don’t have chicken stock, add a little salt to your water, also some sauteed onions or shallots, and/or garlic. As far as what to do with it, i just substitutein any recipe that calls for rice. Curries are a great way to mask the flavor. I like flavor,so I do not need to mask it that much.

This has nothing to do with the topic, but I just hadda ask…what’s the deal with the quotes at the end of your posts? They’re very amusing, but where did they come from?

If I’m not mistaken Carb Solutions is one of those poor quality products with tons of “hidden” carbs. Just a heads up. Read the Protein Insider article at T-mag.

As far as cottage cheese goes, I have reason to believe it’s the lactose that spikes insulin. Straight through the roof.

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Thanks for the tips…I’ll have to give them a try (especially the chicken stock) before I give up on the quinoa.

Firstly, thanks to all my T-bretheren for your time and effort devoted my way. Secondly, Redkarate, haven’t seen you in a LONG time. Great to see an old skooler posting. Thirdly, ah the legendary MBE tag. Since I started posting on the forum (I don’t even remember when) I just began adding the tag to invoke a smile in my T-pals. What occured was somewhat akin to a cult following of my blatant nonsense. Hey, as long as everyone’s enjoying themselves. I suppose it’s my small way of “giving back” to the T-forum community. Lata.

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Thanks Monkeyboy!! Dave, I see the Carb Solution bars have 16 gr of carbs, believe it or not, I didn’t realize they had that much! I usually drink one of those drinks, and they do have only 4 grams of carbs. I thought the bars were about the same. Sometimes I eat a small p/f meal and top it off with the drink. But, damn, I’ve been touting those bars to others! LOL But no harm if I eat it after my w.o., and after my low carb Grow, mixed w/olive oil and a small scoop of Twinlab Super Whey Fuel. Thanks Dave!!

So from the above posts, I gather no one here eats any substantial amount of carbs. I have yet to try eating P+F pre w/o. If I eat P+C pre w/o, I find that my meal digests too quickly. So I always include fat in the form of olive or flax oil or natural peanut butter. So basically, my pre w/o meal is always P+C+F at a ratio of about 33%/33%/33%. Has anyone here recently dropped carbs pre workout and found better results in terms of strength and intensity? I am afraid I will run out of gas if I drop Carbs completely from my pre w/o meal. Also, of those who take in minimal carbs pre w/o: 1. are you currently cutting, bulking, or maintaining; and 2. Do you drink a p/c (e.g maltodextrin/ whey, or surge) prior and or during your w/o?

I train mornings about 7am. Preworkout I have 1scoop whey protein powder w/ 10g flax oil, a piece of grilled salmon, & 3whole eggs. During my workout, I drink one 75g dextrose and 10g creatine mixed w/ 5g Alanine, 5g Glutamine, & 5g BCAA’s. I have a PC meal at about 8pm every night, and I usually have a lot of intensity in every workout.

I used to eat a “normal” (i.e., P+F+C) meal before working out, but since switching over to ME I’ve been doing P+F almost exclusively. To be honest, I do okay either way, but I have noticed that my post-P+F workouts tend to be much more “stable”. In other words, I never have crappy workouts (unless I’m getting sick or something). On the other hand, I never have “super” workouts either… So I don’t know. I would say over all the results are probably even. But as I get older I prefer fewer surprises in life, so I’m probably going to stick with P+F for the foreseeable future.