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The Deadlift Race Thread

Who will get their deadlift to 545 first? The deadline is september 1
requirement: not being able to deadlift 545 lol

contestant so far are:
(with video)

Jasmincar 4853 (straps)
Ahu2468 515
A Ninny Mouse 4602
theuofh 500
Shootingman99 4451
VTBalla34 465
BlackLabel 5201
VikingsAD28 455
sidewalkdances 5181
RichVanv 435

(without video)

PB Andy 445
Jeffra 435
Legacyfighter 445
LordofPillage 4751
Tokyopop 484
richvanv 5301
VTBalla34 500
HitEmHard 485
Fandango 455
Ruggerlife 462
Heracles_rocks 515 (straps)
Hachi 450
yvanehtnoij 420
justkevin 495
threewhitelights 505*1 (straps)

StormTheBeach going for 827 in 8 weeks (around June 14)
johnnytang24 going for 5453 stiff-legged from 5153
Volstagg going for 545 suited this summer and 585 for october
Ebomb goal’s is to get 650 at 210-220 lbs (don’t know when)

[edit] lol WTF I just posted the wrong picture!!!

my initial deadlift

I plan on adding 5 lbs every time I deadlift (every 5 day) until I get 525*3, then I think I will be able to do 545 once

If everything goes well, It will be in 40 days, so June 24. I will then have won the race and eternal glory

Ahu and A Ninny Mouse it’s your turn

I’ll get in on this.

I pulled 500 sumo maybe 6 weeks ago and 500 conventional about 3 weeks ago. My sumo is a bit stronger than my conventional.

Heres the conventional. I pulled it in oly shoes which may have been a mistake.

I’m going to pull Sumo at a lower intensity, higher volume (6-8) sets of triples for the next 3 weeks and see where that gets me.

Count me in. My DL (conv.) is somewhere around the low 400s. Just got done with a fat loss phase so my strength is a bit low, but I think 545 by September is doable.

Nice, this should be a good thread.

I’m down my best is 425 about 4 months ago. Planning on testing soon. Hoping for at least 450

Do it up boys, like seeing these kind of threads(they’re usually in PL forum).

Im in. Just got 500 by two on hex dl today but my straight bar dl is about 435.

Why not 585 for the 6 disks?

It would be better if people who wanted to enter the race posted a video

^going to 6 plate would be too long for most of us, and this thread would die

good luck to the low 400 deadlifter, adding more than 100 pound to your deadlift in 3 month will be hard

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I guess i’m in too. I’m currently in a fat loss phase, and will continue to be for the next 4 weeks. Current deadlift is 445. But i’m planning on a nice rebound once the fat loss phase is over.

in. current deadlift max 445x1 at 17 years old 195.

Here’s my video:

Adding 100 pounds in just over 3 months is doable, but I am going to be missing some weeks cause of vacation and also I do a lot of running so I might not be able to get it…damn it! Deadlifts are by far my favorite lift too:)


I will eat you all with my superior short-asian-leverages! BWAHAHAHAHHAA

Actually, I have no idea. I think jasmincar will probably get it actually. He seems farther along than most of us (damned strap using bastard).

I’ll have a video up by Thursday, I’ll try for 495 after my work sets.

EDIT: OH CRAP! I just realized I have to double post my deadlift days! NOOOOO

I know I’m a lurker, but I love me a good contest. No videos, but I hit 475x1 yesterday; another 70 pounds in 3 months should be cake.

Count me in on this. Right now I’m at 484x4, but I don’t have a video. I will throw one up of the 545 when I get it.

I’m down, got 530 yetsterday so 545 would be good for 3 months work

This sounds fun and since I’m making a focused effort on my deadlift right now, I might as well participate. Best lift is 465 at my PL meet in February. I went on V-Diet shortly after that so didn’t make a lot of strength progress for 2 months but I’m back on full calories now and I expect my DL to shoot up.

27 years old, 6’5", 260 lbs

Here is a vid of the 465 attempt, which was easy. Probably somewhere close to around 500 right now.

Yeah I think you should have to have a video of your current max or somewhere close. BTW, do we get docked for using a belt or something lol? I’ve been straightening out my form(which sucked in that vid) and could proly pull 455 beltless. I usually would use a belt but if we get extra props for not using one I’ll throw that shit off (jasmincar uses strap hahahahhaha)