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The Deadlift is F**king Awesome!


I read Precision Pulling by Mike Robertson and The Dead Zone by Dave Tate approximately 5 times each in hopes that my technique wouldn't suck too badly when the day came that I attempted the deadlift. This evening I finally tried the deadlift. Even though I read the articles, I still know I didn't know what the hell I was doing, so I said to myself, "Screw it! I'm 31 years old and I've never hurt my back, so what the hell am I afraid of? The only way I'll learn is to do it."

I used some common sense and started with just the barbell trying to remember everything Robertson and Tate said. Of course, I am not terribly intelligent, so I couldn't remember everything, but I worked on the technique and I was able to correct myself on a few things along the way.

I moved along to 95 lbs, then 135, then 185 doing the same thing. I completed 5 reps at each weight and made corrections as I messed up my form. Even though my technique needs a lot of work, I was getting pumped up from the deadlift. It just felt so good. I bumped the weight up to 225 for another set, and I felt outstanding! I could feel the glutes and hamstrings starting to work. My adrenaline was going strong.

I don't remember how many years it's been since I got this excited. I have no idea why, but the deadlift felt so right! It felt 4 times better than pull-ups, 5 times better than the bench press and 7 times better than the squat. I put the weight down after 5 reps, jumped about 2 feet off the floor, and yelled in a loud and deep voice, "YEAH!" Then I began to wonder why the fuck it took me 31 years to try a deadlift!

Then I remembered I just started lifting weights in February for physical therapy. But, still, why the hell did I wait until I was 31? The deadlift is fucking awesome!

I wanted to put on another 50 lbs and try it again, but common sense told me not to get too carried away and do something stupid causing me to hurt myself on the first deadlifting session of my life. So, I switched to 3 x 10 single-legged deadlifts with a 25 plate in each hand, and I continued to work on my mechanics.

I can't wait to deadlift again next Monday! I may have to move it to Sunday, so I can do it again sooner! The lift seems so simple, but it's relevant in every day life: Just walk over to it, bend at the knees and hips, arch the lower back and pick the damn thing up!" Okay, so there's more to it than that, but you understand what I mean. I just don't understand how something like this has got me so excited. Up until now, I hadn't thought of boobs in 4 hours! That's unheard of!

My post was probably rather redundant, but I am so excited I had to write it because nobody I know personally would understand if I told them about my experience with the DEADLIFT!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed something positive to T-Nation/tmuscle.


Nice. I just did some today, I like the fuzzy feeling I get in my head after completing a heavy set. Then deciding I need to do one more while I'm still "drunk" from the last set. Good Stuff.

Just keep your reps @ 5 or so til form is second nature, cause when you go for that single, you wanna stop before you get to that point where you know you shouldn't have done that...


I find that deadlifts are the most satisfying thing to do in a gym. Don't know why, maybe it is because you can put more plate on the bar than any other lift. I really love them


If that was you very first attempt at DL you've done a great job.
You'll be slamming on more weight in no time.


Hey, I'm 33 and just dl'ed for the first time... like a month ago.

I gotta say I'm not as enthusiastic, but I also had a moment (approaching my second set) where I had to say "F--- it, it's time to lift this bitch".

I'm increasing weight very cautiously, as my form still has, ahem, lots of room for improvement. (On the first set I thought my lower back was going to turn to dust).


I'm 34, started lifting weight 4 years ago. Had a couple of minor back injuries (not DLing: once was cleaning up DB for bench press!), and getting slowly into heavy things. Today worked up to 315x4.

DL is my favorite lift, and DL day is the most exciting of my weekly schedule!

Nice thread and keep pulling heavy!


Anyone have experience with widow-maker style high rep deadlifts? I've run out of extra plates to use at home, so i'm slowly progressing in reps right now instead of weight. Hitting 12 reps of something I was doing for 5 reps a couple of months ago, really makes me go dizzy, and i'm pouring with sweat and panting like a serial killer.


@andy - I know exactly what you mean. I love to pull. Just turned 35, but two weeks ago after 6 months of consistent lifting for the first time since high school, I pulled 300x3, and felt like I could have pulled 350. That's every weight in my home gym. Deadlift is going to be the reason I go and buy more 45# plates. I get pumped thinking about hitting 405#.

@Rhino - My back used to get tired. Can't remember which thread I read, but the advice on DL form was: On setup, pull yourself down to the bar as you setup. Your butt should be low to protect your back. Really helped me FWIW.


I'm 36 and started lifting heavy about 3 years ago. I had a very similar experience, in the elation I fealt. My first session I got to 275 lbs. but it was shaky and a mess. Long story short, my current 1 RM is holding at 500 lbs.

I'll tell you another cool thing is that when you start moving major poundages around, activities that would have exhausted you before will become so much more doable. Chopping wood, moving wheel barrows of rock, digging or hand tilling. Since those things are now relatively small compared to pulling several hundred pounds off the ground.

Happy Deadlifting!



im 16 sumo deadlift is by far my fav exercise.
even after injuring myself doing it :frowning:
taking time to heal, but im young so, it'll work soon enough


Man, and just last night I was carrying around a laundry basket LIKE A BADASS.

I like that as a "lift thought". Simpler than the stuff going through my head.


I'm 40, and started lifting last year. Last week, I deadlifted 415. Felt GREAT.


Whe should call this thread "Old Guys discovering Deadlift"!



I'm 39 (turn 40 in Dec) and just got back into deadlifting. When I was 18-20ish I used to do heavy stiff-legged deadlifts at the gym, but injured my lower back doing dumbbell rows, so I stopped doing this and never took them back up again until recently.

Now, I've cut down to 165 from 185 and am pulling 315 on the bar, so I'm extremely happy with the lift, and the results it's giving me.


I'm glad to hear others are pumped up about deadlifting, too. I understand if people don't get as excited as I did. I'm usually pretty mellow, but sometimes I get a little emotional. Haha.

Skohcl, thanks for the advice on keeping the reps fairly low. I'll be sure to do that until my form improves significantly.

McMuscles, while it was my first attempt at the DL, I am probably at an advantage over the average person because I helped frame large houses for a few years. Lifting 2x12x20 pressure treated lumber from ground level and carrying it a 100 feet or so was no joke.

Vires Eternus, it sounds like you lead a physically active lifestyle: chopping wood, moving wheel barrows of rock, digging, etc. Are you strong man training?

Fabiop, I think you're right. Maybe I should have chosen a different title for this thread.


Yeah, you can do high rep lighter weight reps, just for your heavy sets I mean you should be able to pull the weight 3-5 times, just don't do any heavy singles just yet is all. But if you get a hankerin' for a max lift, warm up nice and focus on form!


No I just end up being the guy all my freinds and relatives call when they need work done. I end up getting a lot of 'Free' lunches that way...


Skohcl, thanks, sounds like good advice to me. I probably won't try doing many reps yet and I hadn't planned on going too heavy yet either do to the lack of good technique. Of course, in the heat of the moment, temptation can be a bitch.

Vires Eternus, that doesn't sound like a bad deal as long as they're buying you whatever lunch you desire.


I admit I love deadlifts. I'm only a small dude but I'm already deadlifting 240 fairly easily.


OP........you're right , deadlifting is awesome .

if you have nobody to watch you pull , then I highly recommend the use of a video camera . by far the best tool available for form/technique analysis . great for any big compound when you first start doing them .

add weight slowly