The DEA Getting The Job Done....

…I am so happy to see the DEA is hard at work protecting us from the steroid problem menacing our nation.

Tax dollars well spent I say!!! I dont think anyone could disagree with the fact that steroid use is the BIGGEST problem facing the united states today.

I am sure that all of you believe along with me that steroids are at the root of all of our problesm. Crime…roid rage, the homeless? spent all their money on the juice. Drug abuse? Steroids are the gateway drug, forget marijuana!

Yes a steroid free America will be a better, safer, kinder, perhaps slightly fatter and less muscular…but otherwise a greater America.

I stopped reading about half way through because I wanted to kill myself.

Kinda cool at the end…where the DEA is kind enough to let us know the NAMES of the major suppliers and what their main product is.

Seems like a wink wink nudge nudge…

The bit about saving us from this virus is precious. Talk about an overvalued sense of self-worth.


Steroids are bad, m’kay?

I just saw a gal working the corner outside my gym for deca or equipoise. she didn’t care which. I saw this and said to myself “What’s this country gone to, people selling their ass for anabolics.” Then I thought of all the robberies and burglaries these juicers are doing to get their fix of Cypionate or Enathate just to keep the shakes away. Then I remembered, none of that shit happens and none it ever will. Fucking Legislators!!!

Damn it. Maybe if we had put them to use before the Nazi’s we wouldn’t have to be Nazi’s about people using them.

I think it’s pretty hypocritical of law enforcement to make steroids a focus like this. I personally know many cops who are juicing. Speaking as a narcotics detective, steroid cases where I work are pretty much ignored. There is too much going on in the area of addictive substances that actually contribute to the degradation of society for us to give a rat’s ass about someone wanting bigger biceps.