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The DDF Training Log

Starting this log to help stay accountable. I just had my third child last week and I plan on fitting in training each day. The log is to help me stay accountable and have something to show for it.

33 yo Male, father of 3. Desk Jockey by day. I have slowly build a small garage gym over the years so I am lucky enough to have some equipment readily available throughout the day right our my door.

Recently finished an 8 week “Base Building” phase as prescribed in the Tactical Barbell books. I planned this 8 week block to end a week before our new child was born. Then I would take a week off and start Continuation. I wont go into it much but I was very happy with the results from Base. I went from struggling to finish a 5k to now being able to fairly comfortably run a 24 minute 5k. Iv never done that in my life. I feel much more confident as a runner. Im not going to win any races but I can a least finish them! It was a great experience. I actually learned to enjoy a long slow jog outside. Plan to run a base cycle once or twice a year. Added bonus was my resting HR dropped a few points as well.

Continuation started today. I am running Operator/Black. Starting with really low TM’s as I havent lifted heavy in a long time and I am assuming my recovery will be lacking for a bit due to newborn in the house. I am also trying to keep all my workouts to under 45mins all while adhering to the minimal 2-min rest rule from TB. I am dropping the deadlift for a cycle or two and adding KB and Weighted Carry finishers. Sticking with just the Ft. Squat, Bench, Wt. Chin for all 3 lifting days.

W1D1 MS Day
Bench 5x5 145lbs superset with band pull-aparts
Weighted Chin 5x5 30lbs
Front Squat 5x5 165lbs
Finisher was 10min EMOM of 10 Kettlebell swing 70lb. (might move this to 5 mins and do 20 swings to save some time. Felt really good)
Quick “Plank and Shank” to close out with a 20lb weight vest on. 2 mins of planks, 1:30 of shanks.

Also incorporating some Frequency Method I picked up from Greyskull LP. I am performing 4 sets of 5 chins and 15 pushups a day. Will slowly up this number as time goes on. Doing this to just get some extra upper body volume.

Got the workout done in 50 mins exactly while the baby slept. Will probably vary workout times each day on when I can get them in but my plan is to just get them in.



Another one on the TB express

Few guys on here rolling on that train

@antiquity @kleinhound

Feel free to ask any questions my man

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How tall are you, how much do you weigh?

Great stuff mate. TB is excellent, and your conditioning will skyrocket

6ft 180lbs

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Thanks. Much appreciated!

Glad to see another member take on TB!

W1D2 Conditioning

“Fast 5” basically a 5k for time. Trying to stay in the 80/85% HR range.

Frequency Method 4x15 pushups and 4x5 chins throughout the day.

So this was demoralizing. I was not expecting this to be so hard as I was using “Fast 5” for the last three weeks of base and hitting around 24 mins.

I did all my running around 8am for the past 8 weeks. Usually chilly enough for long sleeves. I was also doing Intermittent Fasting during that time so every run was on an empty stomach. Well today I ate two meals and its 88 degrees and humid. Woof i got smoked by this run. Had to pause for a cramp… Felt dead around 1.5 miles in. Ended with a 28 minute run (not counting the pause) and my first mile was 7:59. Legs felt heavy from 5x5 squats yesterday. I wasnt prepared for this run today but a good reminder I need to up my mental toughness as well. The “this is hard” got in my head and derailed me.

Hoping to try this again in a week or two for some redemption.


5k is a brutal HIC @dietdrfapper my man

You’re doing good

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Humidity zaps your energy. And doing legs too!!! :rofl: When I raced, the rule was not to do weights the week of an event.

I once did a duathlon in the Houston area where they had us out in the hot humid conditions for an extra hour before they finally started the race. At that time I was a 20 min 5k runner. I was tired before the gun went off and winded immediately. Another time in Gavelston at a half ironman, I was racing on my bike and the cramps from the humidity ruined my experience. And then I got off the bike to run and ended up walking most of it.

Absolutely! I learned a valuable lesson today about running.

That duathlon sounds really interesting. How long were the runs and rides?

It varies greatly. 2mR 10mB 2mR and 5kR 20kB 5kR were popular. I’m in Texas and I don’t think duathlons are popular anymore.

W1D3 MS Day

4x5 Bench x 145lbs superset 100 pull aparts

4x5 weighted chins x 30lbs

4x5 front squat x 165lbs

Weighted carries finisher:
1 min trap bar farmers at 135
1 min rest
1 min sandbag bear hug at 50lbs
1 min rest

Core work was 3x3 standing ab wheel

Frequency Method chins pushups 4 sets through out day

Dropped the lifting to 4 sets to help save time. Im aiming for a total of 45 min sessions. 30m lifting 10m finisher 5 min core. Finished at 47 mins today. Had to lift with the baby sleeping in the stroller in my garage. Its a weird feeling quietly re-racking the bar. Overall a good training day


W1D4 Conditioning

Meat Eater II
10 burpees
10 KB swings 70lb
1m rest
10 rounds

Today felt good. HR was up but dont feel like i ever gassed out. Kept my pace consistent. Finished in 15:58.

Felt good yet so did 2 sets hanging leg raises and DB waiter walks.


W1D5 MS Day

Bench 4x5 145lb superset 100 band pull aparts

Weighted Chin 4x5 30lbs

Front squat 4x5 165lbs

EMOM 10x10 Kettlebell Swing 70lb
2 rounds Plank and shank 20lb vest (1m plank 45s shank)

Total workout: 44:30

Frequency method 4 sets of chins and pushups through out the day.

Front squats feel much easier today than monday. I feel comfortable in the hole. I have been doing 30s goblet squat holds per Dan John and i think it helps open my hips.

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W1D6 Conditioning Day

Doing Crossfit workouts for all my GC work just to keep things more interesting. Little bit inspired by @T3hPwnisher.

“Bear Complex”
1 clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 back squat
1 push press

7 times through is 1 rd. Rest 2-3 mins for 5 total rounds. Adding load each rd.

Started with 95lbs and added 5lbs each round to end at 115lbs. This was a lot harder than it looked on paper. Grip was really gassed out.

Frequency method 4 sets of chins and pushups throughout the day.

Tomorrow is a rest day :slight_smile:


W2D1 MS Day

4x5 Bench 165lbs ss with 100 band pull aparts

4x5 weighted chin 35lbs

4x5 Front Squat 190lbs

Trap Bar Farmers walk 1m 185lbs
Rest 1m
Bear Hug sandbag carry 75lbs
Rest 1m

4,3,3 standing ab wheel. Going to +1 a set here until i get to 3x5.

Frequency Method 4 sets chins and pushups through out the day.

Overall good day. The carries were starting to feel like conditioning so I may split and alternate farmers one day and front loaded another.

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W2D2 Conditioning Day


30 KB Swings 50lbs
800m run
3m rest

Total of 5 rounds

Time 37:22

This one was tough. By the end my 800s were struggling. I did the swings in my garage and then out the door for the 800.

Frequency method chins/pushups through out day.


BOO is a killer my man

W2D3 MS Day

4x5 Bench 165lbs /100 band pull Aparts

4x5 weighted Chins 35lbs

4x5 Front Squat 190lbs

10x10 Kettlebell EMOM 70lbs

“Quarter Deck Core” 2 rounds

Frequency method chins and pushups x 4

Workout felt good but will plan on an easier conditioning day tomorrow. I think all the swings are making my back a little tight.