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The DDF Training Log - Tactical Barbell

Nice work going on here. We’re pretty aligned in our training these days, with the Walrus-style work being a central component. I’ve had to set aside burpees while my thumb heals, though, but I do like getting in 100 on the regular, or integrating them in a larger calisthenics workout.

Have you checked out Titanium Knickknack from the Forever book? It’s pretty close to what I’m doing these days, so eventually I’ll probably just run that but I’m having fun with my own amalgamated methods currently.

I have always wanted to run Titanium Knickknack! Its a hidden little gem in Forever. I have the equipment to do so but I worry if my back can withstand it. I really came to WALRUS as way to work around injury but doing it now I think it can be much more than that. And these burpees have been eye opening to show what consistent, hard work can accomplish outside of traditional barbell work.

I actually finally have lumbar xrays tomorrow to try and figure outs whats going on. I feel miles better than a few weeks ago but I want to be very cautious about barbell lifting again.

@antiquity I have always appreciated your comments on here and following your log. For sure have gotten some inspiration for my own stuff. Keep it up man.

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W9D2 Conditioning Day

“Hellion” a Pat Flynn KB complex.

Up down ladder:

2 handed swing
1 handed swing

Used a 35lb KB thinking this was going to be an easy deload workout. Once i got to 8 reps i was winded.

W9D3 July Challenge Burpees 26/31

100 6-count burpees

W9D3 MS Rehab Day

Walrus Test at “Captain” level
Squats x25
Dips x10
Chins x5
5 rounds with 45lb vest

Took my time and still finished in 13m.

To finish…
Ab wheel x15
Side plank x10
Ab wheel x15
Side plan x10
Ab wheel x15
Double DB overhead Walks 100lb total 30s
Ab wheel x15
Double DB overhead Walks 100lb total 30s

Wobble city on those DB walks…

W9D4 Conditioning Day

Apex Hills - Garage Version

Sled pull/push down and back driveway 185lbs
10 sandbag over shoulder 50lb bag

10 rounds

W9D4 July Challenge Burpees 27/31

100 6 count burpees

W9D5 July Challenge Burpees 28/31

100 6 count burpees

*started the challenge in June due to family vacation coming up. Thats why it appears I am logging ahead

W9D5 MS Rehab Day

Walrus Test - “1st Lieutenant”

KB snatch x10 per side
Pushups x10
Chins x5

5 rounds with 45lb KB and 20lb vest

Forgot to start my watch but finished in 14 -15 mins.

This was my third and last walrus test. Im going on vacation next week and will use that as a deload (will finish my 3 days of burpees left). Might bring my KB for some easy work but nothing planned.

Once i get back from a week off I may look at trying something new for a while. Not sure what yet given my back is still fussy. I enjoy variety so will find a way to tweak my training a bit.

Its been 8 weeks of TB2 Base Building and 9 weeks of Black Protocol (mix of OP and Walrus due to the back pain). Im extremely pleased with what these last 18 weeks have done for me and I owe it to Tactical Barbell for helping me understand conditioning. Some numbers…

January to now…
Weight 205 to 182 ( I was bulking over winter '20)
Resting HR 64 to 56 bpm
BP 148/82 to 124/77

Thrilled by my BP results more than anything else. Look and feel better than I have since highschool.

Given my style of training for the last few weeks i dont have concrete lifting numbers. I know im stronger but i dont know numbers.

Will finish out my 31 days of burpees and then to the drawing board for another block of training.

Wow, my dude—congratulations! That’s excellent work in just 7 months. Looking forward to seeing where you go from here. But in the meantime, enjoy your vacation.

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Great results! I also train and eat with an eye toward long term health. Strength and performance gains are wonderful, but it’s these types of improvements that matter more.

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W9D6 Conditioning Day /July Challenge Burpees 29/31

100 kb swings 45 lbs
100 6 count burpees

Did a combo workout to save time today. Did a Descending ladder from 13 and did 7 twice to make an even 100

11:47 time

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W9D7 July Challenge Burpees 30/31

100 6-count burpees

This type of set up is a life saver for getting to a rep number and making it mentally tolerable.

W10D1 July Challenge Burpees Day 31!

100 6 count burpees
100 single arm kb swings 45lbs

On vacation with my family. Brought the KB for some daily work to just feel better. Diet is a mess but its 5 days of relaxing so not too concerned.

Proud to have done 100 burpees without missing a day for 31 days straight. This was on top of my TB2 conditioning and some Walrus 531 work. Not sure what my next training block will entail but going to enjoy the rest of my week and will put something together when i get home.

Want to thank @ChongLordUno for introducing Iron Wolf to me as well. One takeaway from this challenge for me was theres always time and no excuse to get reps in.


Well done! That’s some great work—congrats!

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No problem matey. Salute to the Wolfpack :muscle:t2:

Random Vacation Work

Dan Johns “Humane Burpees”. Did a ladder down from 10 to 1 instead of 5 per Dans website
All work with 45lb Kb

15 swings
10-1 Goblet squats
10-1 Pushups

30 hollow rocks
20 birdogs

KB front rack and suitcase carries 4 mins

5,3,1 ladder of Kneeling KB Press and KB row just some assistance.

Nothing crazy. Just trying to keep up some work while away as it puts me in a better mood and feels great.

Random Vacation Workout

KB Clean
KB Press
KB Squat
Swing into switching Hands and repeat the other side.

Did this for 25 mins taking short rests in between sets

Core work was 4 min of planks and side planks

Random Vacation Workout

Did Humane Burpees again but the 5-1 ladder for squat and pushup. We have a extremely busy day today so Im glad i got something in

15 swings
5-1 goblet squats
5-1 pushups

30 hollow rocks
2 min KB suitcase carries

Did some kneeling presses and KB curls as quick assistance