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The days following a cheat

I recently experimented with a cheat meal and wenmt a ltitle over board:) lest jst say that I am holding a little water.However I learned from this experience and understand that if a little was fine to the bod, a lot certainly isnt better. Next time I cheat I will try to get somewhere in the middle, however I would like to know what is the best way to get rid of the excess water after a big cheat. I am 1 day back and I feel great, I am right back to eating like I did before and am training harder than ever, is there anything else one could do other than be patient to lose the water belly without compromising muscle mass. Any tricks? Also how long generally does the water stay? and does drinking an extra amount of water help to flush out the retention?

J-Doggy Dogg what you’re doing–getting back on track with normal training and nutrition–is the best way to go. The more you fret about it, the more this will halt the process of returning. I only say this because it’s purely psychological. Actually, I would imagine that you should be in ship-shape by tomorrow evening.

You may consider adding JB’s Damage Control to your archives. Give it a glance.

But you’re golden, bro, no need to worry.