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The dawn of a new Error

If this works, it’ll set us back years

I likey. You’re an artiste.

Hot damn, MBE! I never knew thee to be of such artistic skills?!

God help us.

were in some serious trouble

What is the chimp’s MAX BENCH???

I’d hit it!

I knew it, this explains it all. Utilising the advances in genetic engineering over the last few years, Wacko Jacko got Bubbles transformed into MBE.

“Hi, little boys, come and see my new friend Monkey Bubbles Eric, he’s a real thriller. I used to call him Billy Jean, but that was a bit off the wall. That was when I was bad, but now I’m just downright dangerous. I have only ever had 2 plastic surgeries done and only on my nose. Anyone wanna take a nap with Uncle Mikey? Either that or…
You can look at the rip in Bubbles pants caused by his BIG FAT ARSE!!!”

All this time I thought MBE was a real human being…I got caught by a chimp! :0)


Get off your ischial calosity and do something useful! FREAK!

And that’s my final answer.