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The Dave Chappelle Theory


This is disturbing... read...


reply with your thoughts if u will...


come on someone has to have something to say about this or did it freak u out so bad u won't talk...

think it's legit?


There is another thread on this.

It is a joke (or written by a paranoid nut).

The idea of these prominent people commiting felonies to stop the Chappelle show is silly.


looks like an ad for a movie to me.


Great marketing. I think it's to create buzz over his next season (did you not see the trailer at the end).
Nothing creates buzz more than a conspiracy theory.

(black helicopters appear in the distance.....)


Very clever advertisement...

Couldn't see the trailer due to too much traffic on the page.

If it's written by Neil it should be funny...




I read the whole thing, I loved that show. I don't know if I should believe it or not. I would not put anything past powerful people with a lot of money. They find a way. What I don't know about is the movie thing at the end of the story. It wouldn't work at all for me.




I don't see Whoopi as part of this "cabal". With her past (like that minstrel show thing with Ted Danson), she would be the biggest of hippocrates to lean on anybody.