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The Dating Thread

Yeah, it’s difficult because male-only spaces hardly exist now. A gentleman’s club used to be what it sounds like, a man’s club, not a strip club (one of the most boring venues I can think of).

There are some benefits to single-sex schooling.

Gentleman’s clubs (not strip clubs) still exist in some big cities like London. It’s not a vibe I think either of us would enjoy. Typically high rolling businessmen visiting to chat with a scotch and a cigar etc.

Many are still exclusively male only. Why would you want a male only space? Not judging, legitimately asking.

Sure… there are things I can’t talk about with women around. But if I want to talk about “guy stuff” I pull the guys aside and talk about guy stuff.

And there are also downsides.

educational outcomes are equitable, however only one method of schooling cuts youth off from interacting with the opposite sex.

If you refer to strip clubs as being boring, I agree. It’s also a HUGE waste of money. I have been to one and it was REALLY seedy… and holy shit, the amount of money guys waste for fake affection blows my mind. Seeing a hooker would cost less…

I’ve heard some of the girls rake in over a grand every night. Male stripping is also very lucrative.

Industries/professions that exploit our most primal urges are extremely profitable.

  1. Men can talk about what they want in the way they want to and don’t feel as if they have to curry favor with women around. They also don’t have to feel embarrassed in some cases.
  2. You don’t have to pull someone aside.
  3. There is no distraction of attractive women that causes many men to be on edge and acting out of the ordinary.
  4. There are some cases in which the input or presence of men or women is largely unneeded by the other sex.

I am part of a homeschooling-fathers group that meets once per month. All four points fit this. The couple that runs it has a night in which the mothers meet. I’m also part of a men’s only religious group. I likely will go to a men’s religious retreat in the Spring.

I respect the construct of female-only spaces too.


I can see a benefit in this area for sure.


Like a relaxation in the wilderness type thing? Camping is great