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The Dating Thread


So, how does this come about organically in a conversation?

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Oh man. You should hear some of the stuff that comes up organically with me


Normally, it’s whether I feel comfortable or not joking about stuff like that.

With that said, my conversations go to Russia, WWII or Eastern Europe VERY quickly and organically if I feel comfortable

Oof, I think that’d be a deal breaker for me. I mean, varg churns out good music, but from a moral standpoint he absolutely repels me.

Pfft, those pesky happy people! Why can’t everyone just be down in the dumps ALL the time!

Everyone has a different gauge for tolerance regarding offensive jokes. I tend to be fairly liberal in this regard.

I might not like your holocaust jokes as it sometimes strikes a bit of a chord and comes across as profoundly insensitive, but at the same time I’m not going to tell you that you can’t make them. Rather I’ll say “look, for the most part I’m not a fan of those jokes.”

Unless you come up with a really funny one, as laughter is typically an involuntary response. Then I’ll feel ashamed with myself for laughing :sweat_smile:

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No idea, I don’t think she is. Somewhat manipulative perhaps, but I don’t think she’s promiscuous

We haven’t seen one another for a long time due to lockdowns.

So she probably isn’t casing the joint for when you go out of town, huh?

A lot of stuff comes up organically. Or out. Not judging.

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It’ll come up very often with today’s youth as PC culture is engrained.

Go to any secular college campus, or any high school and take a look at the extra curricular festivities in the table

There’s a LOT of ‘social justice’ programs and initiatives, there are lectures covering discrimination, Marxism, socialism etc. University politics and real world politics encompass two very different spectrums.

When young adults who have just moved out of home, young adults who have just begun to assert independence are exposed to this narrative, it is initially the “be all end all”. That is before world views become more nuanced and young adults become more “worldly”.

But for now, you’ll be dealing with a LOT of woke warriors looking to protect people from ‘discrimination’. Like me getting told off for making a joke about autism…

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All my platonic relationships were ex-girlfriends or similar. I’m good at breaking up amicably. But you saw what I wrote about one that I rejected.


:joy: :joy: :joy:

If that happened today, I would probably have been #metoo -ed.

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Those are off limits for me.

That’s why I keep my music choice private. I think I have a couple tapes with actual swastikas. I try to detach the music from the artist. Many artists are batshit crazy anyway.

I love myself some good dark humour. Nothing’s off limit with me.

Do you know how many dead babies it takes to change a lightbulb?

I don’t know either, because I got 7 in my basement and it’s still dark.

Going back to the back, I think I’ll just muster the courage and approach in real life. Yesterday I completely blanked on a girl at the gym when we were going out with my mate. And she noticed us, for she was strutting with pride to the locker room sticking out her chest and bum.

I was going back to my car, a 100m away from the gym, and so was she. And now I regret not talking to her! A dream girl physically, and for sure sportive as she was coming off the cross training class.

I’m not on dating apps, and I’m not using IG either to flirt. The chances of finding a girl like that at a bar/club/party whatever are next to none, so I think there’s no way for me to have what I want but to man up and talk to girls at the gym. I have a girl friend who found her guy this way

It’s daunting, but things just don’t drop in our lap

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Honestly, one of the things that had the most positive aspect on my life was my ability to walk away from obviously crazy women.

Missed out on some great sex though.

Just because he’s a murdering, church-burning anti-Semite?


I know, absolutely trivial reasons! I guess I’m just put off too easily.


I like somewhat dark, absurd anti-jokes

Why did Sally fall off the swing?

Because someone threw a refrigerator at her


@wanna_be @loppar
So I asked another friend of mine to have a thanksgiving watch party. He’s a discord friend (cs) i initially offered to do virtual to avoid sending the wrong message ( a la experience with gym buddy). He didn’t take it that way at all

I’m confused at which way he took it

Gym friend thought I liked him

Discord friend thought I was just a friend who wanted to watch ch a movie together

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Oh, well that’s awesome! I hope y’all have a good time!!



He’s the only male friend I have who is just a friend (like my female friends)

The other male ones have a “purpose” (gym friend, Econ friend, “that one”…)