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The Dark Side


On Monday I begin my first cycle. I would like to first thank all of the vets, Bushy, Schwarz, Contrl, 2thepain, Diana Bolan, Rainjack, among others. The advice of this board, far more than any other, has me feeling assured that I am gonna be just fine, and I am so happy to have this place to come to when I have questions and if I have any problems on-cycle.

I have posted it a few times before, but one last time.

I am nearly 32, a little over 200lbs, 5'11. Don't know my bodyfat but I am somewhat lean. Been training for many years and I am pretty sure that, now that my lean gains are slower and the fat gain is easier, I am ready to cross over to the dark side.

Week 1-12___Test Enan____250mgE3D
Week 1-4____Dbol________30mgED (10mg 3XD)
Week 1-12___Proviron_____25mgED (with a bump up if nec.)

Post Cycle
Week 1-6____Test Enan____100mgEW
Week 7-12___Test Enan____80mg,60,40,50,30,20

Nolva on hand. Using 18G to draw, 23G 1.5in to inject.

I'm not the strongest guy around, and I'd be lying if I didn't say I would love to get stronger, but it's not my top priority. My goal is to be at least 15lbs. of lean mass heavier at the end of the taper. More would be better. I won't be focusing on fat loss but if some comes naturally from the AAS I certainly won't be disappointed.

I write this as a last chance for any last minute advice anyone has before I start. Also I will use this thread as a log for a first timer, and keep you guys updated while asking for advice throughout.

Thanks again for all your help. Testosterone.net is a terrific place.


Great looking cycle from a newbie perspective. It is very close to what I am going to do once my gear shows up someday. I too will keep a log and update as I go along. I look forward to reading your experiences.



I like that cycle. Good synergy between DHT, 17aa, and Test (even though I've had bad experiences with dianabol and the mentioning of it makes me shudder). I would comment on the taper, but to be honest with you I've never used it before; Bushy and Prisoner would be your go-to guys on that (as you probably already know).

Now I'm curious what your work-out routine is going to be like.


Looking fwd to your log Cortes. Just keep in mind that the body will add lean mass in response to increased demands placed on it. It will basically adapt to the increased stress of heavier weights by adding more muscle.

In other words, keep the focus on increasing your strength while maintaining a kcal surplus and the mass gains will surely follow.


I am sure you will be very pleased with your cycle. Me too am super-impressed by this site. Very professionally built and with the most to the point articles that you can find. That and that Biotest is recognized among athletes at high levels in my country is a big plus. Their protein is recognized as an industrial standard over here, from what I've heard from people that do sports or did sports at an advanced level.

Also so big respect for Bushy and Schwarz for consistently good advice.

Best regards,



Thanks, Contrl, that means a lot, coming from you.

My typical training is 4 days a week. Mon-Chest/Tris (yeah, I'm old fashioned) Tues-Legs, Wed-Back, Friday-Deads/Biceps. I do six sets of calves every time I workout now, too, because they are pathetic.

Most days I am in the gym for just under 1.5 hours, just over for legs. Monday- 6 sets of bench, different grips / 6 sets of dumbbell press, different inclines / 6 sets pec deck, different grips / and a whole lot of different triceps exercises.

Tues- 6 sets squats, 3 sets hack squat or leg press, 3 sets of leg extensions, 3 sets of ham curls, lots of calf work (should and will add more ham work, I know).

Wed- whole assload of different lat work, pullups all grips, pulldowns, rows, rack pulls, cable work of all kinds.

Fri- 6 sets of deads as heavy as I can go for about 6-8 reps (usually between 350-375) then a lot of different biceps work, as I am trying to bring them up.

Just strained the living shit out of my back doing light deads with shitty form like an asshole and put myself out of lifting anything heavier than a protein shake for about 10 days. I'm recovered now but very very careful and I'm not doing full deads just yet. Substituting rack pulls instead (yeah I know that's a different exercise).

Will up the training to 6 days a week, adding a day for abs and conditioning work and splitting up bodyparts more and adding more sets of variation exercises. Will probably extend the workout to close to 2 hours unless I find that my peri-workout recovery is great and I am able to do more in less time.

I eat around 4500 cals a day, but stopped counting a long time ago after I got my diet and what works pretty well figured out. Plan on starting again for a couple weeks into the cycle to get a better idea of where everything is going and to keep me more disciplined. Will bump up to 6000-6500 and see where she goes from there.

Probably should have broken this long-ass post up. Anybody get this far?


Big C,
I'm interested.

What body type you have before you started lifting?

ecto, endo, or mesomorph?



I guess I'm an ectomorph. Was always a really skinny kid. I have to work very hard to put on muscle, don't gain weight easily, and have a fairly small chest. I have built what I feel is a pretty decent body despite that. After a while I'll get some before pictures up so you can see. I have decent shoulders, lats and traps. Okay legs and arms, small calves and chest.


Just took my first shot. I had not really been apprehensive at all up to this point about sticking myself, but as soon as I took out those needles and started the preparation and sterilization, I started getting pretty jittery. Luckily my wife is a registered nurse, so she walked me through some points where I wasn't so confident. Drew with an 18G, stuck it into the vial kind of screwbally but it went in there anyway, should have pushed a bit of air into the vial but the oil went into the syringe fine anyway.

Changed to 23G 1.5in to shoot. I used the ventrogluteal injection site (Thanks P22!, where are you?). Studied that for hours and still wasn't sure I had the spot just right but I must have been okay because I'm still here. Holding the needle before pushing it in was the freakiest. I'm not an uncertain person, I make decisions fast and I don't change my mind easily, so it was an uncanny feeling, holding at needle over my flesh, thinking about what it was going to be like pushing it in.

After about 15 seconds of wavering I just said let's do it, counted one, two, and pushed it in on three. Complete surprise, there was absolutely no sensation whatsoever. The needle wasn't in me, and then it was, and there I was ogling it like a dumbass like, how the hell'd that get in there. Pushing the oil in (only .75cc) was a bit slow, but I got it done. Pulled out and was finished. Easier, far easier than I had expected.

The only sensation I have had was a light sense of pressure in my left glute (where I shot and throughout the gluteus maximus muscle as well) and a sort of line of pain down the lateral portion of my left leg. It's been around 10 minutes and I experience no nausea or tremors or anything out of the ordinary, and the pressure in my ass is pretty much gone too. I'm on my way!

I also started last night before bed with 10mg Dbol, and another 10mg in the morning and will be taking this three times a day.

I'm off to have my first workout now. Here we go!


Here's a quick question. When I finished, there was a tiny amount of oil left in the tip of the plunger. Is this just something I have to put up with, or is there a way to get more of the test out of the needle so I'm not wasting test over time?


I love the ventrogluteal injection site! I started to feel a slight soreness, much like deep DOMS, but not anywhere near painful, in my left asscheek about 8 hours after my shot. This continued until this morning (about 24 hours after the shot) when I woke up and then, as I walked around, I stopped noticing it. Now there is just the phantom sensation of slight tightness directly in the spot I injected. I must have done it right. Also I'm sure the small amount helped.

Workouts today and yesterday have been good. The first thing I am noticing is that my rest time between sets is shortening. I feel recovered more quickly, even after a drop set or superset, and I am able to achieve an equal amount of reps on the same exercise more than I had expected. I'm not really feeling the "powerful" feeling just yet, but I am only about 2 days into the cycle, so I suppose it will come.


Try loading up some before photos. This is me at an even 200lbs. today. Looking at the pictures now I look a little fatter than I thought I was, results of that strained back and poor food choices recently (this latter has already changed, btw, and the back appears to be fine now). Calves suck, hitting those every day. I want to work on biceps, too. Of course I'll be working every body part hard. What do you guys think needs the most work?












Chest needs work, too. And yeah, I know I edited the back of my head out. I'm overcautious :wink: Seriously, it would be detrimental to me if certain people were to find out I use, and that is the reason for my caution.


This is going to be a good thread. I can feel it. Before photo's and everything. Good job Cortes


Just leave a tiny amount of air in the syringe before drawing up your oil and that will help. Losing a drop or two at the start and finish is pretty standard though.

Welcome to the other side Cortes.