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The Dark Side (JMaier's a Bodybuilder Now)


Good news man, another milestone down.

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This one took an entire week! It could be my body’s happy place aka default or set point. I thought I would’ve messed that up by getting up to 250.

I’ve also dropped below 220 in the past by not lifting and mostly drinking beer for my diet (bathroom remodel).

I didn’t think I’d struggle to break the 220 barrier.


Nice work! What’s your target right now? Still 215# or are you going lower? I forget. If you’re going to 210# I’ll race you, see if I can hit 180# before you hit 210#? I’m already racing @IronOne, competition builds motivation, right?

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Awesome news J, follow the PT’s advice and in no time (couple of months) you’re much much better. Hopefully. I’ll bet that even in a couple of weeks it’s improved.
And under 220, double win for the day.

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213 is the target because I’m odd and like the number 13. It will also allow me to have a cheat meal and stay at 215 which is my original goal.

I’m hoping that’s all I need to do but I’m not sure if I’ll have the look I want. If not then I’ll have to keep going.

@IronOne revealed that he’s using Carbolin 19. I read up on it and decided to try it. I’m skeptical as usual but I don’t spend a lot on supps so I feel like I’ve earned the chance to blow a little money. I bought four bottles so I can give it a legitimate try - plus I got a discount and free shipping for spending $100.

A bottle might only last 15 days if I follow the dose recommendation of two pills twice a day.

I also think I’m lean enough to really see if it makes a difference.


I’m already spending about $200/3 months on Biotest stuff (Flameout, Rez-V, Curcumin, ZMA), so I’m not sure I can justify another one. I was going to try Plazma at @flipcollar 's recommendation, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet because that shit is expensive. I’ll keep tabs on you two and see what you think of the Carbolin.


I’m still using protein that is leftover from a failed supplement business. My supply is about to run dry so I’ll have to start paying full price again. That’ll probably change my monthly food requirements because I’m able drink 100+ grams of protein each day and it’s basically free.

On the plus side, I’ll be able to pick good flavors instead of being stuck with leftovers. I’m pretty tired of vanilla right now.

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Dreaded Leg Day

10 minutes on the arc trainer

24" BOX SQUAT (blue xercuff band around knees)
135 x 5 x 2 sets
225 x 6
275 x 6 x 4 sets
Everything felt good. I only had a tiny bit of pain in my knee and hip - like a 1 out of 10.

180 x 8
270 x 8 x 4 sets
All good here too - very little discomfort in my knee.

60 x 8 ea
40 sec rest between each leg. Felt like it took forever to get through these.

20 min interval, L5/10 for about 8 minutes and L6/12 the rest. I kept the RPMs at 90 or above and covered 5.28 miles and burned around 230 calories.

I was supposed to do leg extensions but my PT said to avoid them with my left leg. I thought I was going to do the brutal Airdyne bike workout of 20 sec all out followed my 2 min of cruising but I had no energy at this point. I only had a banana and double protein shake around 10 this morning and my workout started at 1. I was also almost 400 calories under my target yesterday. I felt drained by the time I got to the bike. I don’t know how @jackolee is pushing through right now. Training while depleted sucks.


Hey man I’m natty

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Yes it does! That’s why I allocate more of my carbs and calories at breakfast. It’s the only Ivan make it through a workout. Today I ended up using resistance bands mostly. The dumbbells and cables felt twice as heavy. I made it through a few sets of shoulder press and Arnold’s at least though. I’m ready for some carbs!

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I had planned to go to the gym at about 11:30 but I decided to wait so I could go to the tattoo shop with my wife. They open at noon and my daughter was with her grandma so we had a decent chance to go together. I wouldn’t take my daughter in there; she’s too observant. My son just kept pointing at the taxidermy and ceiling fans lol

I’m not getting anything yet but my wife scheduled her first tattoo. She was able to talk to the guy who did my shoulder piece about the design and location. I knew it would go better if I went with her since she’s never been in a shop.

That delayed my trip to the gym and I arrived hungry. That did not go well with leg day. It wasn’t a bad workout but I was on empty when I left.

If I were you then I would have skipped legs these last few weeks.


Jackie Moon has been benched so it was time for a log name change.


Yas. Time to become juicy brohemoth


I expect some swolfies asap brah


Hopefully Jackie can be back once your knee and hip are sorted. Meanwhile, get swole, bro!

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Welcome to the gains game J!

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So excited to see your new log name. Going to be watching those gainz.



Woke at 219.8 lbs. I slept horribly. I’m pretty sure I just drifted in and out of the first stage of sleep all night. I was pleasantly surprised to see 219 on the scale again. I typically don’t see low numbers unless I get a good night off sleep.

I’m enjoying this new training split. It’s actually quite refreshing to only train each area once a week. It might even feel better on my joints. I’m probably going to have to up my leg game because my volume is kind of low for one session a week. But on the other hand, the workout template says to pick 3-4 exercises and do 3-4 sets. I guess yesterday was quads only so I can add tomorrow’s hamstrings workout to that and it looks better.

Today is rest day which will make me feel lazy but I think the day after legs is a good place for it. I have PT tonight after work and my hip and knee are feeling good on the stairs.


Great log name J :slight_smile:
And I’m really excited that you could train legs almost without pain.
Now you just don’t get cocky you hear.
I’m almost ready for that bro split as well… but I’m a bit reluctant about only training one bodypart a day a week


There’s no chance that I’ll get cocky. I thought I’d turned a corner a few weeks ago and then my knee pain came back worse. I won’t get healed up overnight.

In regards to the bro split. It’s different, but I’m enjoying it. The added volume leaves me quite sore, so I don’t really have a desire to train the muscles again during the week.

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